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Editorial: Biased, partial media

Couple of days back, three worst kinds of terror acts occurred. One deadly in Khost province of Afghanistan, two happened at two different places of Pakistan. In Khost we lost a number of our brave Afghan soldiers and over 20 injured, while in a bomb explosion in Aurakzai Agency over 30 dead, according to sources. In attack in attack on Chinese diplomatic mission at Karachi also left casualty. Only three of Aurakzai incident were belong to Hindu community but they since a long residing on Pakhtoon’s soils whereas the remaining were Shia Pakhtoons. Only one security man out of four casualties in Chinese diplomatic mission was a non Pakhtoon. And all victims of Khost Masjid attack were true Muslims, all of them Afghans. On the very next day, different words for all three violent acts made anger no other than Pakhtoons, scattered throughout Pakistan. For the Karachi victims word “martyr” was very visible in Super Lead headlines of Pakistan media throughout the country. But words “Jan Bahaq” means “died” was used in lead news of newspapers published from Peshawar or other towns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But this bad news pertained to killing of over 30 innocent Pakhtoons and injuries to over 50 others was carried by Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi newspapers only in double column with less important even not visible space of front pages. And on the other hand word “Halak” means killed was mentioned for over Afghan forces targeted by terrorists inside a Masjid while they were bowing heads before Almighty Allah. The biased and partial approach of Pakistani media, mostly dominated by people from a particular mindset throughout the country came under heated debate on social media. Not only politically aware, mature and educated Pakhtoons but even common men have demonstrated unprecedented resentment over such indifferent attitude of Pakistan media. Majority of these people are of the firm belief that Pakistan’s civil and military establishment under a well planned plot bent upon continuation of war flames on the soil of Pakhtoons. Some of these people believe that people from a particular mind set intend to establish Punjabi dominant role throughout South Asia and for the purpose they are instigating the Pakhtoons on the scared slogans of Islam. Almost hard liner so-called Islamic groups are being lead by Punjabi Ulema and self-styled scholars and commanders. No one can deny the fact that before partition of Sub Continent in 1947, press was dominated by progressive, democratic and nationalist minded people from all different nationalities. Majority of them have sincerely waged a long struggle for independence and they extended support to each others in such a holy cause. But unfortunately after partition of sub-continent, the previous British rulers loyal civil-military establishment initiated efforts for getting control of all government organs in Pakistan. And for the purpose, it inducted likeminded products of engineered slogan of “Nazrya Pakistan” (Ideology of Pakistan). Democratic, nationalists and those who believe in supremacy of parliament, independence of judiciary and rule of law crushed and destablised at each and every stage. Now visible these circles are now having a complete control over Pakistan media, which portrays the Pakhtoons in a different shape before rest of the world. It is the time for Afghans in Afghanistan and Pakhtoons living in other sides of Durand Line to initiate a joint peaceful struggle through pen and papers for foiling all attempts being made against Afghans through Pakistan’s controlled, biased and partial media.

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