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Editorial: A bloody week for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not a secure place either to live or to work in. This is what the sworn enemies are trying to inject in our mind. This is our motherland and we will make it secure with our blood. We will never abandon our garden with different flowers such as Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, and so many others. It is a fact that security is now a serious challenge not only in districts and sub-districts but also in small and major towns including the capital. There have been suicide bombings, attacks of civilian and military installations, assassinations, kidnappings, summary killings by the Taliban and Daesh terrorists; warlordism to the point of no-more-bearable, and corruption. With all these uncertainty and challenges what is our responsibility – to leave or jointly resist. Politically there is also huge problems that have further destabilized political scenario with more fear of backlashes as big wings seems desperate after their personnel interest is in deep jeopardy and even their accounts are at risk of being frozen by international banks. We are living in such a country where its majority famous faces are working for their interests only. But this will never compel patriot Afghan masses to give up or leave – rather will work harder to achieve sustainable peace and stability which is very difficult, no argument on that. But the greatest obsession is that there is a rare element that is making efforts at the behest of their pay masters (Pakistan and Iran) to slip the carpet under President Ghani’s feet in a bid to satisfy them. But still we are firm with deep believe that one day they will restrain from conducting destructive activities for outsiders. This week it was bloody one. We had carnage in every parts of the country, and the Ghazni battle was gorily. We lost over 100 Afghan security forces; actually we lost our heroes and the true son of this soil. And the most heart-wrenching was Wednesday’s Kabul bombing in which nearly 50 killed and over 66 others wounded. The target was an education center and the victims were those education lovers that have totally acknowledged the value of education with intention of altering mayhem with the power of pen. They wanted to illuminate darkness in their surroundings with the light of education. Unfortunately, they are no more. The enemies have taken them from us, but not their goals. The Afghan masses will continue their struggle till the last blood to secure and safe our motherland. Long Live to our greatest country ‘Afghanistan’, and Long Live to our ‘Unity’.

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