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Editorial: Bogus presumption

An astonishing claim made by Mawlana Hamidul Haq, the older son of late Mawlana Samiul Haq, the spiritual father of the Taliban group in Pakistan that the Taliban won the war and has the right to enforce Islamic law. He called on the Afghan government to surrender to them. His remarks bogged as a clear interference into internal affairs of the country, which is unraveling the Afghan people. Such blatant remarks are not coming out of nothing. Apparently, peace spoilers and or those who still see their strategic-depth policy in continuation of war have perhaps caused him to take such a noxious rhetoric to undermine and create anarchy inside Afghanistan with deadly fabrication that the Taliban are on the winning side. This war has no winner – this war has been imposed on the Afghans. With grave sadness, Afghanistan has been suffering from Pakistan’s radical fundamentalists as a result of extreme seminaries including the Haqqania led by extremist cleric, Haq. He insulted Afghanistan and its people, disparaging its gains against insurgency. It is utterly against national sovereignty. This is a clear demonstration of how a narrow-minded Pakistan’s religious elite are. The massacre of helpless civilians and military forces—just on Monday night five children and three women were killed after insurgent’s mortar shell hit their house in Kandahar. Yet, radical extremists in Pakistan accept their crime instead to pressurize them to come to a consensus and obey by the hope of the Afghans which is a ceasefire to help the ongoing peace process in Doha to be succeeded. We have lived in war for decades now, and the efforts are on full-swing to outlive them by making peace, not by clinging to them. Afghan society is not ready to submit to dogmatic and extremist ideologies. Their silly thoughts will never again conquer to lord on us for the second time. Since his unjustified remarks come from Pakistan, it’s the country’s responsibility to swiftly crackdown on those Madrassas, and of course the Haqqania one, that are involved in promoting extremism and fundamentalism in the region. There are thousands of illegal Madrassas functioning in Pakistan with the core intention of spreading insurgency – a dangerous threat even to the security of Pakistan itself that need to be flattened. The government of Afghanistan and many other countries in the region have persistently said that Madrassas in Pakistan are promoting terrorism and extremism.

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