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Editorial: Brace the new reality

The Afghan leaders and the Afghan people have to realize and own the current uncertainty where even the US, its most reliable partner who supported the country for the last 20 years, is no more sure what awaits for Afghanistan in the future. Surely, no one can say with any certainty what will happen in Afghanistan once U.S. and other foreign troops withdraw by September 11. The most unpleasant statement made by US National Security Advisor, Mr. Jake Sullivan who he can’t make any guarantees about what will happen inside Afghanistan, actually he says no one can. This is what we get from our two decades strong strategic partner who invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the terrorist groups and also make sure this country will never once again turn to a safe haven of these evil forces. It’s’ better for the U.S. officials to refrain from such statements that could indirectly help the militant groups and would also diminish the high morale of the Afghans who think they could overcome the difficulty period. Indeed, the withdrawal of foreign troops has already emboldened the Taliban to think of military victory as they already refused any peace summit, but this will give the Taliban nothing but more war as the Afghan security forces and the civilians will stand solidly to defend their country because no one is willing the return of Taliban regime. This would be nothing but another intensive war which results in more civilian casualties and damaging more infrastructures. Anyways, anything is possible including civil war, but it is not like mission-impossible we can still prevent the country from another turmoil and chaos. Now, when we are facing a different reality, our political leaders, and influential figures need to focus on public engagement and take the Afghan masses into account and also call on the Taliban to discharge their national obligation by shunning violence. It’s time to test everyone’s resolve in this defining moment because the current situation does not seem good and the road to the future would not be easy. We have two ways – one to continue the deadly war, actually more bloody one it could be, and the second is to use our intellect and our leaders must put in practice their political maturity and unity to a real commitment to the talks with the Taliban so the group would fine no more reason to escape from a meaningful talks to find a negotiated political settlement to the war.

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