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Editorial: Brazen interference

Afghanistan has always been a victim of regional and global countries’ power games. The internal rifts within Afghanistan, coupled with foreign meddling, have made the country weakest to the extent that currently every country easily hooks its claws into Afghanistan to ensure their nefarious designs and interests. As Afghanistan is currently going through a trinity of crises, namely the breakdown in the peace process due to prisoner swap, presidential disaster and the Coronavirus pandemic, the regional countries find the country vulnerable now more than ever. Amid the mounting concerns over political turmoil, Iran has recently opted not to accept Afghan election results that declared Ashraf Ghani as the winner and has surprisingly proposed and stressed the need for the creation of an inclusive government. Besides, Russia has also held a similar stance of suggesting the creation of an administration acceptable to all. On top of all that, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after his arrival on an unannounced in Kabul has separately met with President Ashraf Ghani and self-proclaimed president Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, and then reportedly met the two of them together as part of US’s latest efforts and shuttle diplomacy to end the presidential crisis.

The calls for an inclusive government coming from different countries are brazen interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and is a violation of the country’s sovereignty. Interestingly, Iran boasts of having historical and friendly bilateral ties with Afghanistan while its hospitals refuse to treat Afghans amid this coronavirus pandemic. Its recent remarks of questioning the Afghan election’s credibility flies in the face of principles of non-interference. Besides, soon after the presidential polls and during the saga of announcing its results, there were numerous instances of Iranian and some other countries’ diplomats visiting the Afghan electoral management body to exert influence and implement their illegal political demands. Moreover, the US being the organizer-in-chief, finally sent the top dignitary Pompeo on Monday to mediate between the rival leaders under the guise of discussing ways ahead in the peace process. The status quo gives a sense of déjà vu, given the high prospects of repeating the fiasco of 2014. As the Taliban are serving as Pakistani proxies and the insincere regional countries are playing their dirty games of interfering in Afghanistan, we will soon witness tectonic shifts in Afghanistan with every spoiler playing its respective destructive role. These countries’ shameless interferences and efforts of imposing their will are creating an environment of distrust and making it impossible for Afghanistan to weather the current insurmountable problems.

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