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Editorial: Brighter Image of Afghanistan

The International Cricket Council announced Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan as player of the decade. He was selected among top cricket players who are very famous for their best performances in the history of cricket that have brought many achievements for their country as well. These players lead to gain full membership from the ICC to their respective countries decades before even the Afghan people know about cricket. During the past two decades, Afghans draw a wide attention of the world’s countries via sports while violence has been rising undoubtedly all over the country, making it severely difficult for the people, especially for the players who need to take particular exercise for the games which are usually held overseas. What the world really knew of Afghanistan was just about feeble economy – world’s top unsafe country – the wide ring of administrative corruption – marking world’s top unhappiest country – but fortunately, we have heroes who represent a brighter picture of our country to the world. They are not only cricket players – there are the Afghan youths now who have worldwide achievements in the variety of ways.

It’s worth mentioning that a group of five Afghan girls, so called the robotic teams, had brought silver medal from the international robotics competition held in Washington, DC. In another way, in 2008, Rohullah Nikpa had recorded a bronze medal for Afghanistan during the Olympic Game. He was the first Olympic winner for Afghanistan since the collapse of the Taliban regime. I must not fail to remember the achievements of the Afghan athletes and players in different areas for their war-hit country and brought joy and happiness on the face of their compatriots who usually witnessed tragedy, carnage and violence. Unfortunately, the bloodbath has been continuing for over four decades and no end sees in sight. But long-conflict was not able to take away our love from sports, cinemas and social activities. The fortune is that our players have been always praised by the people, giving them more moral and motivation to fight hard in gaining achievements for their country. But, however, the devastating menace of endemic corruption has already found its way in different sections in sports departments. In many cases, the players complain about the selective behaviors as the officials in the departments try to select their relatives in the teams. But anyway, we should praise our national heroes and support them for their upcoming journeys as they give a bright color of the Afghans to the world.

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