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Editorial: Ceasefire is the only solution

Whenever peace efforts expediting, violent and terror acts in parts and parcels of already war stricken motherland are also get intensified which make hopeless the countrymen who are attaching great hopes regarding better future. Now when almost leaders whether they are part of unity government or opposition making arrangements to make fruitful the schedule conference in Doha Qatar, the war mongers and enemies of the country are indulging themselves in violent and terror acts. Couple of days violent acts occurred in Helmand, Kabul, Balkh and several other places. Even attempt on the life of sitting Vice President also reported in Balkh province. All these acts confirm that certain elements are reluctant to let return of peace and end to hostilities in Afghanistan. And in this respect responsibility rests with peace loving patriotic countrymen to focus all attentions for making fruitful and peaceful the peace efforts. Unfortunately, certain elements from regional and neighbouring world, who now are being exposed before rest of the world are always fuelling hostilities and rifts in Afghanistan. For the purpose, they making huge investment on these acts and actions, which are being denounced throughout the world. No one can deny the fact that trends of extremism and terrorism have been imposed on Afghans from abroad. Now when the United States is showing extra ordinary interests in peace and reconciliation, therefore, its leaders need to help in early declaration of ceasefire. Declaration of ceasefire would pave the ways not only for cementing of peace efforts but in making united the war-divided Afghans on ideological, ethnic, religious faiths and communal grounds. Afghanistan is not only in dire need of peace but it needs a broad based national reconciliation as it could block ways for every sort of interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan and carrying out of terror and violent acts from abroad. Credit goes to Qatar based Taliban leadership for showing a shift in their policies and extending extra ordinary support to peace efforts. Through such steps, these Taliban Movement leaders have earned hearts of the countrymen. But by ending violence and terror, these Taliban leaders could become hero’s, therefore, they need to help in ensuring complete end to violence and hostilities. Now on end of prolonged winter and snow fall, the countrymen are going to resume their routine economic activities but they fearing threats to their lives. At this stage, opposition parties especially Taliban Tehrik needs to play a role, which could also be helpful in building up a consensus about future destiny of Afghanistan and its people.

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