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Editorial: Civilians bearing the brunt of conflicts in Afghanistan

Civilians are the most victims of the war in the world. Someone find it very visible to see what is happing on civilians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, even to the peaceful states like some European countries and Turkey, where they are the victims only. There is no denying to the fact that military forces are also bearing the brunt of casualties. However, military casualties are quite different from civilians. Afghanistan is one of those countries that despite military, civilians are also losing their lives every day with no end in sight. Hinting to the casualties, Afghanistan Independent Human Right Commission (AIHRC), in its annual report said that civilian casualties in the Afghan year increased by 17.8 percent compared to the previous year, most of them are caused by suicide attacks, ground fighting, killings and roadside mine explosions. The report which is the result of the monitoring conducted by the AIHRC’s regional and provincial offices shows that Afghan hostilities during last year left 9431 civilians causalities (3129 deaths and 6302 wounded), out of them 4642 are men, 775 women and 1116 are children.

Dr. Sima Samar, Chairperson of the AIHRC, said that intensification of violence and spared of insecurity is a very concerning issue. She demanded from all parties to the conflict to observe International Humanitarian Law and protect the lives and properties of civilians. It is very true, because they are not directly involved in the armed conflicts.

Increase of armed conflict directly or indirectly affect the lives of people across the county. Based on report, heavy casualties have been inflicted on civilians and based on the findings it makes the highest number of civilian casualties in the solar year.

It is crystal clear that all militant factions including Taliban, al-Qaeda and Daesh are behind the surge in the figure of casualties. These groups killed and wounded these innocent people, where the Afghan government forces are responsible for nine percent of the casualties. Suicide attacks, which are against Islamic teachings, have caused 34 percent of the casualties.

Afghan security forces are exercising extreme caution to prevent civilian casualties, even insurgents in several press releases claimed to protect civilians. Despite that casualties not decreased. Instead figures have been increasing faster. All parties involved in conflict must review its war strategy for the sake of civilians. Continuation of war is fruitless. Insurgent outfits should choice negotiation, or at least avoid the application of methods and tactics that are causing civilian casualties.

The anti-government elements should apply all out efforts to avoid killings of those civilians that will never make them conquer.

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