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Editorial: Claiming killing of innocent people

The Taliban militant group through its spokesman claimed responsibility for the latest deadly terrorist attack on an official installation which causes lives to over countrymen. All victims were students/trainees of a state organ which is defending the motherland from aggression both from in and outside of the country. Whatever might be the justification of these elements opposing the political process but no one can neglect that war stricken Afghanistan is in dire need of peace, tranquility and stability. Afghanistan and its people suffered a lot due to dictated intrigues from abroad. On various grounds and slogans, Afghanistan is ahead with violence and terror from last four decades. And even today Afghanistan’s sovereignty and solidarity as at stakes. Apparently, the so-called stakeholders are scrambling for peace and end to violence in Afghanistan but internally all of them are making attempts to settle old scores and to force each others for guaranteeing own strategic-economic interests at cost of Afghanistan and its people. Going into the list of these so-called stake holders, Pakistan is making attempt to corner India, Saudi Arabia and UAE making its best to make isolated Iran and Qatar as well. Russian leaders are desirous for settling the old score of USSR disintegration with US. And China is interested in safeguarding of its economic strategies from US spy masters intrigues in future. For own interests and designs all these so-called stakeholders are unanimously enjoying bloodbath on the soil of Afghanistan. These disgruntled countrymen needs to keep in mind the reconciliation of Gulbadin Hekmatyar who resisted and opposed the Afghan government for many years. But eventually embarked on peace process as he eventually realized that continuation of war brings him nothing, but more backlashes. So embraced peace, and now stand as independent candidate for July’s presidential election. So the same, the Taliban leader can do when reconciled and shun violence. Time and again not only President Ashraf Ghani and his predecessor Hamid Karzai declared “National Reconciliation” which could be considered a win-win position for each and every one. Now it is the time for all those who are either engaged in armed resistance or political opposition against each others to exploit the opportunities of win-win position, which could enable Afghans made, disintegrated through external atrocities and intrigues to embark on a new life-the life of peace, progress and prosperity. One thing is very clear that no one could get his aims and his targets through guns and bullets as ultimately these rivals or enemies would go for shaking hands at the end.

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