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Editorial: A comprehensive approach

Indeed, the role of state-of-the-art security forces in contemporary society is very much crucial to internal security to the achievement of national stability. There is no doubt that threat to internal stability often turnout the greats threats to national security. Currently, insecurity has been reached at boiling point. There are many factors behind that—but our focus is only laid upon the importance of well-equipped security forces. It is quite acknowledgeable to all that fulfilling the national security function, thus entails adapting capabilities in order to contribute to the collective management of regional and global security challenges. After the collapse of the Taliban regime–the darkest period, especially for women and girl in the course of history, Afghanistan started showing signs of development in every area, and resulted into rapid changes. Economic recovery was also taking high shape beside security improvement. Economic and political tsunamis swept over Afghanistan soon after Taliban’s collapse. Remarkable political vary also surfaced. However, after passage of some years, approximately, 3 to 4 years, security situation has gradually gone down. Taliban insurgents adjacent to recruit fighters, also has dropped a line to some regional countries. This was successful attempt because now some countries are openly talking about their relation with the extremist group. At present, foreign and internal security hazard is of main concern. The handling the problems related to domestic violence and internal security is the basic function of the police departments along with maintenance of law-and-orders. Nevertheless, bold step is on card to bring reform in policing—since this is our domestic issue all efforts are on the table of the ministry of interior, and the result is already excellent. However, the major concern is external enemies. To combat these threatening elements, the need of well-equipped Afghan National Defense and Security Forces is necessitate of the hour. In reality, all armed forces have both domestic and international responsibilities. As a general rule, the less democratically and economically developed a state, the more these responsibilities and capabilities focus in domestic control. Noting down the current situation of Afghanistan, the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg suggested enabling and training Afghan local forces as only option to repress the insurgents and deal with foreign threats. The message now is that more important than deploying NATO troops in combat operations it is to enable local forces, train local forces to stabilize their own countries, he said. This is totally fair suggestion and a very comprehensive approach toward ending Afghan conflict.


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