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Editorial: Conserving human dignity

All forms of tortures are illegal and contrary to human dignity and their basic rights under the Convention Against Torture which Afghanistan acceded in 1987. Unfortunately, the ugly practice of torture is still exists in the different enforcement and judicial organizations. These organizations are using torture as its tools against criminals to confess their crimes during investigation and prosecution time, which is against Constitution. However, sometime, the innocence who committed no crime would face the harsh torture—later not found guilty, where till that the falsely accused would have already beaten to death.

However, on Monday, the Cabinet Law Committee of the government has approved for the first time ‘Law for Prohibition of Torture’, criminalizing all form of tortures in governmental institutes. Often torture practice is carrying out in detention facilities, where after this it would be halted. Widespread torture of Afghans by Afghans is a shameful act and the president must go for anti-torture decree. Since the practice is against human dignity, the government should speed up efforts to decentralize it. Such practice leads to nowhere, but to generate pessimistic feelings among the victims. However, the efforts should be doubled to fully outlaw the practice of torture and ill-treatment of prisoners, for the reason that it produces a cynical sentiment that leads toward a revenge which is not terrible. Any such practice to leads toward physical, mental, and other psychic damages is against human rights and also in divergent to the Islamic teachings.

Previously, there was no any law on the prohibition of torture; however by approval of this law, defiantly it would lay down its significant impact to help reduce the ugly and unlawful practice of torturing. Commending the move, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said the law for prohibition of torture has been a long demand of the agency. However it lamented that still the practice of tortures is exist in the government organs. According to the AIHRC, last year around 200 cases of tortures by governmental organize were registered, where around 59 percent of them committed by security forces, particularly police. The Afghan masses are considering Afghan security forces as guardians of the rights in this land, and it is very disgraceful that they are violating the rights of their people. None has the right to torture, conduct cruel treatment, or outrages upon personal dignity. The Afghan masses are absolute in favor of ban on torture as it is a vital cornerstone of our civil liberties, and meanwhile to be vigilant against any sneaky backsliding after the approval of the law on torture ban.

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