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Editorial: Deadly Tuesday

Tuesday, the 19th Day of Holy Month of Ramadan turned deadly for the Afghan masses after terrorists carried deadly attacks across the country, in which scores of civilians were killed and wounded. Gunmen attacked a maternity hospital in Kabul, killing four, injuring five others—blasts in Nangarhar killed 17, injured 45 others—attack on security forces in Laghman martyred over 20 security forces—11 civilians were killed and nine others wounded in an airstrike in Balkh—three children were killed in Logar—10 killed and wounded in Khost—7 killed and injured in Ghor and there could be much more. This was only Tuesday’s report. Taliban—Haqqani—Daesh, regardless which militant groups carried out these attacks, and for what purpose, but the sheer level of brutality is unimaginable. Targeting of maternity hospital and newborn babies, pregnant mothers and anxious families is far from justification. The hospital had opened just five years ago, helping thousands of mothers and their babies for a better cure. No religion can give reason for such barbarism. Moreover, targeting prayers during funeral ceremony is savage and un-Islamic and inhumane act. This mindset to kill innocent people, even the new born babies, is nothing but a tragedy and a life-size alarm for the Afghan security insinuations to stay alert more than any other time as such human being is still exist. More than 500 civilians including more than 150 children, were killed due to the fighting in Afghanistan during the first quarter of 2020, according to United Nations. This is a disturbing increase in violence at a time when it was hoped that the Afghan government and the Taliban would commence peace negotiation as well as seek ways to defuse the conflict and prioritize efforts to protect all Afghans form the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

The ordinary Afghans are really concern about escalation of violence, and no more room left for them to see their dearest ones to die in such a war which has no logic. Killing Afghans by other Afghans is ridiculous. Role of the regional proxies and sponsors could not be ruled out at fueling war—but we will not remain in ruin unless if a thief is inside our house.

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