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Editorial: Disgraceful toil

Nawa district in the south of Lashkargah city of Helmand province has liberated from the Taliban insurgents control this week. Over 80 Taliban insurgents were killed during retaken operation carried out by the brave Afghan security forces. Security forces and civilians received minor causalities. The government regains the control of the district after being for nine months under Taliban’s power. Everything has just kicked off from beginning. Schools and health clinics have been reopened. The residents are trying to cover pains received from Taliban insurgents during their hold up. The Afghan masses, especially Nawa district residents are very happy that Taliban pushed away. We truly appreciate and thankful from the strong wings of our Afghan security forces for recapturing distract by inflicting huge causalities to the Taliban insurgents. It’s clear as daylight that not only Taliban, but all militant outfits don’t have influence to fight security forces face-to-face. The best example is Nawa operation that Taliban defeated badly. In the past 16 years, insurgents despite receiving support by some regional countries have been defeated in such a way that now they (militants) carrying coward attacks in public places. Killing of civilians is on the raise. United Nation Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in its latest report said that two percent deaths in civilian casualties have been increased. This shows that militants are failed to resist against security forces in battlefield, instead killing civilians under a so-called fight against Afghan and foreign forces. The iron hand of the Afghan security forces proved bitter taste for the all sort of insurgents. The most disgraceful toil of the Taliban insurgents is when government building in Nawa district had been largely burned down by the group. Following their defeat, the Taliban insurgents turned Nawa into a ruin place. According to provincial officials, reconstruction of Nawa district will cost millions of dollars. This move of the Taliban has raised many eye-brows. Afghans are willing to know that why Taliban destroy roads, clinics, and other governmental buildings. At the other hand, residents claimed that their all properties and capital have been looted by the Taliban insurgents during their nine months of rule in the district. Even bridges were destroyed. Noting this, one can easily see the real face of the Taliban insurgents. Anyways, builders are in more power rather than destroyers. The National Unity Government has come up to the fore with a comprehensive plan to reconstruct the district. All the infrastructures, including roads, clinics, schools, government compounds and other essential requirements have to be rebuilding in shortest time. The government with support of local residents has to change the landscape of the district once again. The residents suffered a lot during this period of time, now the government has to provide them every essential need.

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