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Editorial: Don’t harm, if can’t help

It seems that Afghanistan has stepped into a very optimistic timing of its age as Russia deliberately showed their readiness to support the country in war on terror. US is in direct war against militancy, and Russia is too engaged in this business to bring a logical end to the prolong war that has been eating infrastructures of the war-hit country. We are a country of 30 million people mired in ignorance and poverty and at the same time it’s under development era. The Afghan government is making efforts to stretch and improves the institutions; there is no market in Afghanistan for sectarian and ethnic markers as we define ourselves as a one united Afghans; we are combating with internal and external problems, mostly created by foreigners and by direct interference of Pakistan into our internal affairs. Our neighbor “Pakistan” has never renounced its atrocity against Afghanistan, and the issue of supporting and harboring terrorist is a good example of that. The Afghan people want to take breath of serenity as they lost their nearest and dearest one during longtime conflict arena. No room left for them to bear the brunt of war casualties to any further extent. We want a full end to this irrational war. Our demand is very logic as war brings war, and its flame soon to cover other countries if head has not paid. There is no need of miracle to fight insurgency. Pressurizing sponsor-state of the militants is the only way to succeed in the fight. Militant outfits can’t last a week san financial support.

To help the Afghan government in its peace process, Moscow has come to the fore with direct talks with the Taliban insurgents in a bid to convince them to join the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. Afghans are taking Moscow as a trustable wing, pinning high hope over more cooperation in all area, especially in curbing of terrorism. The Russian officials have recently reiterated that the recent contacts with the Taliban group were aimed at encouraging the group’s leaders to participate in Afghan peace process. Without doubt, Russia is a regional allay of Afghanistan, and can play an eye-catching role in ensuring peace, and stability through supporting the Afghan security forces. Previously, the direct Russia contact with the Taliban was a matter of concern, but now no worries as it was a positive step. Not only Moscow, if any country willing to help the Afghan government in achieving durable peace is an act of commendable. We want peace and the regional countries are the best actors to support us. During school time teacher was used to say, “Make a habit of two things—to help; or at least to do no harm.” Those countries that don’t hold intention of helping Afghanistan, reciprocally don’t hold intention of harming us too. It is worth mentioning that every support could accomplish a big dream, and contrary to that every act of harm could cause a gigantic destruction.

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