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Editorial: Don’t let Pakistan go so easily

Pakistan—the hostile-neighbor, is going through tough situation, as news US strategy showed strong commitment to kill terrorists sponsored by the Pakistani government aimed at destabilizing Afghanistan. The entire effort of President Donald Trump in announcing his new Afghan strategy was intended to put pressure on Pakistan and the Taliban insurgents and have them understand that they would never win a battlefield victory. “Quite frankly, as I evaluate Pakistan’s current situation if I were the Pakistan Government, I would have growing concerns about the strength of the Taliban and other organizations inside of Pakistan who seem to be growing their numbers and their presence to the point that at some point they become a real threat to the stability of the Pakistani Government Itself,” US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson sad after new strategy announced. The government of Afghanistan always stood ready to have good relations with Pakistan. President Ashraf Ghani soon after assumed office visited Pakistan to mend ties. Prior to that, former President Hamid Karzai, visited Pakistan more than 20 times, but these efforts never beard fruits, rather Pakistan doubled its destruction efforts and plotted several deadly attacks on Afghanistan. In single day, there were three suicide attacks, masterminded in Pakistani soil, in Kabul, the capital city that killed and wounded a large number of innocent Afghan people. Both, incumbent and former Presidents fractured from duplicity of Pakistan. Pakistan makes every effort to use Taliban and other militant outfits to turn Afghanistan as a client state. But it is impossible. Pakistani officials will dig this dream into grave with themselves. During course of history, Afghanistan was never a client state, our voices always up and continue our struggles. Today what pressurize Pakistan is facing is due to voices of Afghan officials and ordinary people. Today Pakistan’s real face unmasked—a face of harboring and supping militancy that threats security of Afghanistan, the region and the world. Tougher approach against Pakistan, and showing no more tolerance over sanctuaries exists in Pakistan, is very much appreciable, but looking deeply, Pakistan deserves no more chance. The US and international community must not let Pakistan to go so easily for being the number one supporter of militant outfits.  Trump should have taken action against save havens by striking them from air. Militant hideouts are very much visible. Trump should order it is air force to target it in Pakistan. We can’t fight terrorisms with mere statements. Trump has to translate its word into action, and in that cause hideouts have to be demolished at first place. Afghanistan has been remained neutral all the time, and it never taken steps to destabilize Pakistan—but Pakistan still doing it. A clear message to the government of Pakistan and its backed-militants is that they must forget about winning the war and bringing down the Afghan government.

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