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Editorial: Election irregularities

On completion of first phase of parliamentary polls, accusations and complaints against what they alleges rigging and irregularities are being voicing from all over Afghanistan. Not only common candidates and tribal chieftains but high profile politicians and leaders are also showing dissatisfaction over the election process. However, beside complaints many many people have been made satisfied with unprecedented interests of electorates in the polling amidst sever threats of terror attacks. Whatever might be outcomes of the polls but it enabled rest of the world to know that majority of Afghans have been made fed up by war. They want peace and they believe in political and democratic process. No one can deny the fact that holding of elections and going to polling stations in Afghanistan like a country is not an easy task. It is the time for peace and democracy loving members of global community to commend the Afghans for such heroic act on elections day. The international community needs to continue its support to these peace and democracy loving Afghans as they determined to bring an end to trends of terror and extremism, imposed on them from abroad. They exists anomalies and deficiencies in Afghanistan’s election and political process. And there exist a wide range space for reforms in Afghanistan’s legal, constitutional and administrative institutions. Due to government’s continuous engagement in law and order affairs, very little attentions are being focused on administrative affairs. Compare to rest of the world in general and neighbouring countries in particular, Afghanistan and its people deserve much more support in ensuring complete rehabilitation of war stricken people, infrastructures and institutions. The Complaints Commission of Election Commission Afghanistan needs to address reservations and complaints of all grieved persons and organs immediately. But maximum responsibility rests with Government of President Ashraf Ghani to fulfill his responsibilities for convening an early meeting of Loya Jirga. Only the Loya Jirga is the proper organ for amendment in constitution which is essential for further updating of various laws for streamlining affairs of all government administrative, legal and constitutional institutions. Compare to recent past, there are visible chances of strengthening of coordination and cooperation amongst the Afghans for better future of their motherland. The one time staunch rival and opponents are being witnessed around one table, debating hardships and issues ahead to the country. Credit goes to no other then former President Hamid Karzai who in the light of political doctrine of great Ahmad Shah Abdali had declared the broad based strategies for resolving of rifts and divisions amongst the Afghans after assuming the office in last days of 2001. At that time he had declared the Afghans as brethrens and requested them to shun their internal rifts and hostilities and come forward for making peaceful, prosperous and progressive their motherland which was badly affected. And now outcomes of Hamid Karzai’s reconciliation, coordination and cooperation based policies are yielding outcomes.

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