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Editorial: Evil designs

Undoubtedly, the southern Kandahar province have been remained relatively safe over the past few years, at a time even provinces around it have not been safe from the Taliban’s resurgence. Once, the province was known as a hub of the Taliban’s activity, but ground situation changed as security improved in the recent years under the grip of famous and anti-Taliban commander, General Abdul Raziq, the police chief and a regional commander. But, situation has been deteriorating, as the Taliban insurgents making all out efforts to once again turn Kandahar as one of their safest place. Insurgents seem to be focusing again on the province. Kandahar served as the Taliban founder’s seat of power when the movement controlled Afghanistan. To regain control of some parts of the province, Taliban insurgents had carried out deadliest attack against Afghan security forces, which killed dozens, and wounded some others. In the recent attack, eighteen Afghan National Army (ANA) troops were killed and 16 others wounded after hundreds of Taliban gunmen stormed their base in Zangitan area of the Shah Walikot district. Surely, Taliban insurgents also received casualties. This heart-wrenching incident took place on Friday, while on Wednesday in another attack by the Taliban insurgents; at least 13 security forces were killed. The incident occurred in Maiwand district of the province after dozens of insurgents attacked a military base. Tow big attacks in single week have raised many eyebrows. Some believes that there is a security failure, while some says that the National Unity Government (NUG) is not paying heed to the province.  However, Gen. Raziq, the most powerful security commander in southern Afghanistan, has criticized the central government in Kabul over the growing insecurity in the province. Briefing a gathering, he said that some political figures within the NUG are trying to destabilize Kandahar like neighboring Helmand and Uruzgan provinces. His remark generates a mindset that growing insecurity in the province is not by accident, rather there are some elements inside the government who are highly involved in the process of destabilization. Such ignoring could be too deadly at the future. However, Raziq’s remark did not immediately elicit a response from authorities in Kabul—but wish it could. If such uncertainty prevails, the people’s trust toward government institutions would further erode.  By no stretch of the imagination, Afghanistan deserving of the title of a country free from terror and free from militant outfits. This is possible; it needs a clear mechanism, strong intention and political will. The government has to lesson to everyone. Raziq’s concerns have to be taken seriously. He is not taking about privileges, but a threat that jeopardizing the so-call peace in the province, and could be proven deadliest in the future for the whole country. We are already in war, Taliban and other militant outfits even don’t show mercy on the holy month of Ramada, as a Taliban suicide car bomber killed 18 in Khost province on Saturday. Afghanistan is going through uncertain situation, and hard to evaluate. Peace efforts would lead to nowhere, if security officials concerns are not heard. Taking a look at the current structure of the problems, it is imperative for NUG to come up to the fore with a comprehensive security diagram aimed at dashing to ground the evil designs of the Taliban and other militant outfits.

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