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Editorial: Fighting illiteracy

Illiteracy rate is too high in Afghanistan. The country direly needs well-educated people in different sectors to become self-sufficient as currently people of different nationalities are working here to fill the vacuum in the job market. They are employed by both private and public sectors. As a matter of fact over half of the total population is illiterate. Most of those who are educated lack the necessary skills. They are not produced according to the job market. Therefore, there is extreme shortage of skilled workforce. It is not only responsibility of the government to fill the gap but also of the universities, parents, intellectuals, religious scholars, political leaders and tribal elders.

It is duty of the parents to send their children to schools and universities. The government alone cannot educate the nation by forcing the parents to send their children to educational institutes. As we know that the writ of the government is weak in many areas of the country; thus, religion scholars, tribal elders and political leaders also have responsibility to fulfill in this regard. They should launch awareness drive in their villages and towns to encourage parents to send their sons and daughters to schools. Without their support, fighting illiteracy will remain only a pipeline dream with no hope of realization.

Sadly, little attention has been paid to female education in the country; though, there is continued debate regarding development of the country by empowering and educating girls and women. People from all walks of life realize that girls’ education is important as it would boost the development process and strengthen the national economy. Yet, very little has been done for promotion of girls’ education. Many parents in remote parts of the country are not ready to send their daughters to schools and universities. Taboos are major barrier that restrict thousands of girls to the boundary walls of their homes. Street harassment is another serious social challenge.

Therefore, it is social obligation of the all and sundry to empower girls and women by allowing them to get education without any let or hindrance. In addition to that the intellectuals including media-persons should emphasize on promotion of the study culture. Afghanistan needs educated and creative brains. We can produce educate brains by promoting study culture. As far as the role of the government is concerned, the relevant authorities should provide subsidy on books so people will find it easy to buy books of their interest.

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