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Editorial: Fragile yet rejuvenates peace talks

Afghan and Taliban peace negotiators had announced a three-week pause in the ongoing talks in Doha. The Kabul peace team will arrive back home today (Monday) – really no idea where the Taliban negotiators will go. Both sides shared initial lists of agenda items and conducted preliminary discussion on the list, and the short break is to have detailed discussions on those hot issues. Since the agenda items need further consultations, the two sides agreed for a recess and to resume the second round of talks on January, 5, 2021. The undo seemingly generated a new design as the Afghan government floated an idea of executing the remaining steps of crucial intra-Afghan negotiations with the Taliban somewhere in Afghanistan. Government expressed readiness to hold a second phase of the talks anywhere the Taliban suggests – the group has apparently given an upper hand to pick a spot for these talks anywhere inside the country. Taliban are claiming to have control over 50 percent of Afghan territory and that picking a location would not be a difficult task for them if they are accurate.

How beautiful it would be to resolve our own problems inside our own country. We have plenty of provinces with beautiful places to sit down in a cordial atmosphere and be able to quickly solve our problems without much trouble or wasting more time. As a first step, it is important to realize that there is a problem, and it becomes more difficult when there is no obvious solution and strategies. But this is the most proper time to immediately get a solution to our problems as we already agreed on rules and procedures. We must ignore procrastinating in peace talks since we are so near.

The Afghan government and the Taliban group would be better aware of the grievances and demands of the countrymen and in immediate move must avoid additional costs in the process. No one has the right to take hostage such an important process that helps create a durable peace and security after decades of war and bloodshed. The sole aspiration of the talks is to end the deadly conflict. The Afghan masses already pinned and remained hopeful, despite all the challenges and obstacles that the latest peace process will result in a final settlement ending decades of war. It is needless to mention that Afghan want a dignified peace where justice, equality, civil rights, and the rights of women and minorities, including the non-Muslims will be central.

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