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Editorial: Ghani’s unrealistic fantasy

Afghanistan is a landlocked country that doesn’t have direct access to water ports. To export or import products, it needs to pass its through neighbors to get connected with the world’s countries. Although, the give-and-take is a normal principle between the neighboring countries in the world, Afghanistan is caught among some opportunist neighbors who seek to push the country down economically and politically. Touting of his strong governance, President Ashraf Ghani in his beginning days as president had said that he would connect Afghanistan with the world via air-corridor and other tremendous schemes that he had planned for the country. Nearly four years ago, the first air-corridor was inaugurated between Afghanistan and India with the presence of Ghani and other senior officials. Ghani said that he would make Afghanistan a productive country that would exports its corps, goods and stocks to foreign countries as well as reduce its reliance on imports. He also promised to the people that he would reduce the level of poverty in the country. But almost all of his pledges remained just in words, or if some of them become under effect, the poor management of his administration faced the projects to failures. With the inauguration of air-corridors, the Afghan traders who were scrambling to transport their products via Pakistan found fresh hopes and courage to boost up their businesses. But such important projects should be properly managed. Lack of good management and the existence of corrupted officials in the government affected the Ghani administration in a variety of ways. As many other projects of the government, the air-corridor that transported the Afghan corps and products to western countries is closed now. The reason is clear, the poor management of the in charged departments that includes the Afghanistan Bank, which have not paid the 345 million Afs loan of the private airlines, which transported the products to overseas as part of the air-corridor system. The project was functioning as a subside format. One of the primer affection of the air-corridor closure is the 90 percent drop of Afghan carpets’ exportation to foreign countries. The air-corridor was proven highly expensive for the trader which is one of the other reasons for the closure of the system. The closure of the air-corridor is one the tens of projects launched by Ghani but led to failure due to wrong management. Ghani should focus on effective schemes that can bring benefits to our people rather than dreaming unrealistic fantasy and fancy. Afghanistan for its very-best geographical location could be turned into a business hub between the Central Asian and South Asian countries.

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