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Editorial: Ghazni battle – a humanitarian tragedy

The recent intensive fighting in Ghazni city, a strategic urban center less than 100 miles from the capital, Kabul, besides martyring of dozens of Afghan soldiers and police officers, it has also heavily punched people in embattled city by scarcity of food. It also cut communications and severing the main highway from Kabul to the south and beyond. Almost half of connectivity to other provinces has been closed, and passengers stranded in the roads and highways for around four days. Now situation in the city is quite well and highways reopened for traffic. But imagine those four days when Taliban insurgents were entering to civilian houses, forcing them to do something against their well or even being killed at their hand. Very difficult to realize sufferings that Ghazni people went though. So many catastrophes were there as beside the sounds of rockets, and firings, they have also gone through shortage of food, water and medicine. The most tragedy one was in form of human as the fighting has reportedly resulted in 110 to 150 civilian casualties. However, the number still need to be verified as the wholly picture of fighting is projecting absolutely a humanitarian tragedy that needs for a comprehensive probe. Limited telecommunication has also hindered clarity over the ongoing contest for city. In that situation, it is not hard but imposable for residents to go out for essential needs or even to get water from wells and fountains. At the same time, food has been reportedly running low. Lots of Ghazni residents have also displaced, adding to the already highest figure of Internal Displace People (IDP). It is a fact that Afghans are facing a very coward enemy with overtly and covertly backing from Pakistan—a neighboring state and the godfather of the Taliban and over 20 other militant outfits. A most powerful Pakistani politician, Afrasiab Khattak revealed a fact about Ghazni profound fighting, asking Pakistan for explanation over dead bodies coming in from battlefield. “Pak govt needs to explain reports about the dead bodies of Pakistani coming in from the war in Ghazni and Pak fighters getting arrested. It is the repetition of the Jalalabad fiasco in 1989? Pak Afghan Policy is an unmitigated disaster. CHANGE IT,” Khattak twitted. So this is the whole history. Our defense minister said Pakistan fighters, beside Chechen and Arab, are supporting Taliban in the battleground. Now this will test responsibility of international community, and especially the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) to what extent they will go to castigate Pakistan for its lending support to the militants. The verity of UNSC and the globe is at stake.

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