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Editorial: Why government’s writ is defied

In the wake of the unfettered political disarray, the Afghan unity government has found itself in a bind that could only be circumvented if a ‘paradigmatic politic of compromise and negotiation diplomacy’ is concocted; defiance against the government’s writ has taken a whole new shape to itself ever since a northern governor who was told to step down refused to bow down and even ramped up a hostile rhetoric and began a course of perpetual denial.

President Ghani is facing intensifying wave of defiance and critique. This should stop or the current state of uncertainty could elicit more belligerence and disobedience from local governments. Even the slightest fraction of opposition against the government in any format poses indelible imprints on the sovereignty of Afghanistan and the paradigm of national unity.

The origin of the insubordination of the local political representation is ‘political inertia and domestic diplomacy deficiency’. Ghani-Abdullah league have been riveted from national integration. They might be indulged in a ‘politic of marginalizing’ rogue people at the helm – who could pose a threat to the national integrity. Alas, this pattern is backfiring.

As the situation is getting out of control, the politicians at the helm should form unanimity and compromise with the local leaders. Eliminating influential public figures is not in the interests of Afghanistan’s national unity. Rather they should encourage their involvement and use their resources – the backing of the diverse racial, linguistic and ethnic minorities – to their whims.

If the government had compromised with its rivals and sought their role in state of affairs, this friction would not have happened. Americans have also left the government on its own to deal with this dilemma and Afghanistan is all alone to scuffle with the chaotic deadlock.

Political rivalry and emergence of adversaries pose a threat to the central government; a byproduct of such rivalry is the diminution of the government’s publicity and credibility amongst hardcore and sentimental people of far-flung regions and an ensuing disinterest and detachment from political leadership.

National unity is the emblem of convergence of all ethnicities and bridging the schism in all the spectrums of a society. Unity can never be confined to the way governments are formed but just the opposite; it is the inter-ethnic and inter-racial interaction and involvement within the fabrics of the society; especially a post-conflict one that prides itself on collective fight against a much-orchestrated Communist expansionist regime in 1980s.

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