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Editorial: Heroic move

The Afghan National Defense and Defense Forces (ANDSF) have been making tremendous progress over the years, as they are doing everything under their capacity to bring peace and security in the country. ANDSF continued to make significant progress, increasing in quantity, quality, and operational capacity, making them hero to Afghan masses, and iron hand against enemies. They have made substantial progress. The ability of numerous ANDSF components to combat and clear the enemy from several districts of Afghanistan has provided crucial in recent success against insurgency. Afghan forces proved bitter medicine to the insurgents and are unable to fight against the ANDSF. They have failed in several battlefields. Insurgents lost influence to confront ANDSF face-to-face that’s why militants have been engage in coward act like carrying suicide attacks in public places that usually ends up by killing civilians. The insurgents completely demoralized after they sustained a lot of casualties. Beside security personnel, the Afghan civilians have been bearing the brunt of casualties and continue to pay the highest cost in the ongoing war against terror. Anyways, Afghan security forces chasing insurgents in every valley and mountain across the country, amid at providing safe, secure environment for all the Afghan people living across the country. To do so, the Afghan police on Sunday prevented a bloody incident in Kabul city by seizing a Mazda-type truck full of explosives, drove by a suicide bomber. Explosive materials contained of 30 barrel of explosives and two big bombs that were placed under tomato cartons. In a rapid move, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) honored 19 policemen with certificates for preventing a deadly attack. It was a wise move, and we, the Afghan people appreciate MoI for honoring our heroes. Trend of appreciation and punishment have to be localized in Afghanistan, amid to recognize and applaud those police officers that prevents evil acts at cost of their live. And also punish those commits negligence in duty. It was sweet to hear that commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson said that alliance offers its highest praises to the Afghan National Police for thwarting a deadly attack in Kabul city. “Those who seek to do harm to innocent Afghan civilians, cannot win.” Moreover, we, the Afghan masses from bottom of our heart express gratitude to our brave Afghan National Police, and to all Afghan National Defense and Security Forces for protecting us in our motherland by rendering huge scarifies. Long Live to our brave ANDSF.

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