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Editorial: Honors in sports

Afghans are surrounded by scores of security, political and economic problems that are unfortunately increasing.

Despite these problems, sport can be the only thing that is lightening as an achievement and the youth have hoisted the flag of our country higher. Athletes did well in different games since they have got the chance to display their skills in the post-Taliban era.

Afghanistan gained the first ever medal in the Olympics games. The talented athlete Rohullah Nikpai brought the bronze medal in Taekwondo from Beijing’s games in 2008 and subsequently managed to bring another one from London Olympics in 2012.

The achievements of the powerful cricket team are the other thing that made the people happy. The young cricket team could beat strong countries who have been playing for decades and have high international records in their backgrounds.

Also the soccer players swept almost all the South Asian teams that was unbelievable for both Afghans and other people.

In other martial arts, Din Mohammad Mobarez has turned to a fear for the international players in the Free Fight.

These honors are gained while the government is usually blamed for less attention in the improvement in sports as it is under the bombardments of criticism for not being attentive in other social works.

Athletes often spend from their own pockets to take part in the matches inside the country or abroad.

This is not only the government that should encourage sports, the national traders and investors should also take part because the honors belong to the country and people, not only to the government.

When our national flag waves in the contest salons and fields, it represents Afghanistan and its people.

Though there are some encouragements to the athletes from both government and businessmen, but this is not enough and sport deserves more and more investment.

We are able to tell the world that Afghan people are peace loving and sports loving as our homeland is known as a country where there is fight, corruption and drug trafficking.

Our brave sportsmen are doing their best to show a different picture of their country to the world through sports. This is not only their work and we are all responsible to improve sports, arts and other cultural issues.

We are grateful to our sportsmen and hope that the flag of Afghanistan waves in every international competition. We hope that the dark cloud of war is replaced by the clean sky and shining sun of peace under which Afghans can gain more honors.

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