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Editorial: Idle scrutiny

Afghanistan and the U.S. are not darling to each other, but the U.S. will not withdraw from Afghanistan, once a top official had said. But Afghanistan, with its enormous tensions, needs to set its own house in order or at least to refrain from provocative remarks that bedevil the most complicated foreign policies of the international community and the U.S. toward Kabul. What we get to know is that the U.S. is really not considering Afghanistan as its darling, and she is right to do so. You can’t be someone’s darling by force. Afghan leaders, especially in the last six years, lost the available opportunity to find a solution to the war, instead claiming to have fixed the whole country. So why is there panic if everything is on the right track? Why there is concern of civil war, why there is concern over intensification of war, why still our government institutions are running by caretakers, why still our Afghan security forces are being killed or wounded on daily basis and why still civilians are bearing the brunt of the war, and most importantly why still we don’t have peace. What kind of fixing is this when the Afghans are yearning for peace and scrambling with brittle economic conditions and our poverty rate is over 54 percent—it means many Afghans are going to bed with empty stomachs? Additionally, why we are terrified when President Trump said all US troops should be home by Christmas. Within three months if the Afghan peace delegation failed to iron out differences to reach a deal with the Taliban negotiating members, the US troops would depart emboldening the Taliban group to topple the government and take control of Kabul by military means. Indeed, Afghanistan is moving toward an uncertain situation. In such a scenario, the maturity of our political leaders could be very much useful to prevent the country from another civil war era. Undoubtedly, Trump is focusing on troop withdrawals in the final stretch of presidential election, seeking to show he fulfilled his promises to bring all troops home and stop fighting useless wars. Trump has made his mind to leave Afghanistan in earliest no matter if the Afghans reached any sorts of agreement. From Afghan perspective, our leaders must join hands to turn the ongoing peace talks in Doha to be successful and they must exhibit their ability to catch the opportunity to end the war. We should not claim of fixing the whole country while situation in the ground is totaling different. Let the realty to speak louder.

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