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Editorial: Important of 650 U.S. forces’ remaining

The Associated Press reported from some American officials that the U.S. will keep some 600 troops to provide security for the diplomatic mission in Kabul. The remaining of this number of troops is a dynamic step amid uncertainty of war and peace that sparked fears and concerns among the Afghan and foreign officials on whether the current administration will be able to protect Kabul based diplomats. The U.S. and NATO sought Turkey’s support to run and guard and Kabul-Hamid Karzai International Airport- but as the decision between Washington and Ankara is yet to be finalized, these forces would maintain in Kabul. With the U.S. led forces departing- and Taliban retch up pressure on the government- took control of tens of districts across the country- the tension rise over the possible collapse of the incumbent administration. Fearing the deteriorating situation, the Australian government decided to close its Embassy in Kabul. The Afghan forces are currently engaged in ragging clashes with the insurgents, and therefore it would be a thorny pain in the back for them to protect the Kabul mission from the ongoing threats. The Taliban are making rapid territorial gains since the U.S. begun exiting. To hold support from the western allies, a protected and well-equipped airport alongside the diplomatic mission is highly necessary. However, even if the U.S. and NATO allies are not willing to keep military presence in Kabul to support diplomats, the government must pay all-out efforts to keep the presence of foreign diplomats with high guarantee, otherwise, losing diplomatic mission-that connect Afghanistan’s relations with their countries- will underestimate the credibility of the government. The government needs to convince the diplomatic missions and guarantee them a high protection. We don’t have to always rely on foreign troops to support our interests and necessaries but at the moment, Afghanistan is caught in severe crisis, the remaining of 650 in such a critical moment is a key step as our country mainly rely on foreign aids and support. 

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