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Editorial: Improve security

Top security officials tendered their resignations, but President Ashraf Ghani did not accept, asking them to work for improvement of security in the country, especially in Kabul. However, some people say that the resignation saga of some security officials is just a symbolic exercise because the core intention within the Presidential Palace was to slip chair from Haneef Atmar’s feet as National Security Advisor. The reason that what issue exactly surrounds Atmar’s step down has so far not been cleared, but he termed differences in political scenario with President Ghani as key matter for his resignation. But indeed, Atmar has exhibited a greatest political maturity and have resigned in a very peaceful environment. He neither closed roads nor challenge the government wrath. His was in highest position – there were some other officials, including governors that had been proved headache for the government after their removal from posts. Deterioration of security situation is absolutely not a rational reason, as President Ghani on Sunday turned down resignation offers from three senior security officials –Minister of Interior Wais Ahmad Barmak, National Directorate of Security Chief Masoum Stanikzai, and Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami, and requested them to continue working to improve security. The two ministers and the NDS chief tendered their resignations to President Ghani earlier Sunday; just a day after Haneef Atmar stepped down as NSA head, citing disagreements with the government over several fundamental issues. His resignation was immediately approved by the president and he was replaced by former ambassador to Washington Hamdullah Mohib. Resignation faltered after heavy fighting with Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents with uppermost casualties in both sides. Suicide attacks in Kabul and other major cities also intensified. Let’s see what role can new NSA, Mohib would play. He is young, and talented. Officially he stepped into Atmar’s shoes on Sunday. President Ghani, while introducing him, said it was a difficult decision to accept resignation offer of Haneef Atmar. He expressed gratitude for his former security advisor’s tireless efforts in different aspects, and said the county needed him. Mohib said he assumed the responsibility at a critical time that Afghans still lived with fear and the threat of terrorism and insecurity. “I promise to keep the safety and security of the Afghan people as my foremost priority.” It is very important for security apparatus to realize the fact that security situation is not good. Ghanzi attack was the worst example of that, leaving other several deadly suicide bombings in Kabul happened in the very nose of security forces.

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