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Editorial: Imran to meet Taliban leaders

In the wake of latest developments, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to meet Taliban leaders in a bid to help in resolution to Afghan conflict. Imran’s special aide Naeem Ul Haq made these disclosures while addressing a conference on Changing Regional Situation and Role of Pakistan at Islamabad. Though Haq said that the Afghan government has also its consent in favour of Premier Imran’s meeting with Taliban leaders but he didn’t say about further including venue and schedule. Naeem Ul Haq made the announcement when the US has put Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) on list of proscribed groups. Since a long Pakistan has always accusing Afghanistan of extending help to certain militant and opposition groups including the BLA. The BLA is in fact a group of people from Baluch people who alleges discrimination at hands of civil-military bureaucracy, dominating power corridors in Islamabad. However, it is an internal matter of Pakistan and Afghanistan always made attempts to keep in distance from internal matters of Pakistan. But certain question arises about tall claims made with President Ghani on the eve of his recent visit to Islamabad. Ghani accrediting him for willingness of Taliban leaders of joining the third round of intra Afghan dialogues, schedule to be held at Doha Qatar from 7th and 8th of July. Similarly, Naeem Ul Haq confirmed consent of Afghan government in favour of Premier Imran’s meeting with Taliban leaders. In fact, since a long Pakistan’s civil military establishment is using Tehrik Taliban and its affiliated other militant groups as “pressure” against the government in Kabul. Pakistan wants to dominate almost of Afghanistan’s internal and external policies and ensure protection to its “stakes” in Afghanistan’s relations with the rest of the world countries especially with regional and neighboring countries. Earlier, the National Unity Government had made a blunder and betrayed the Afghan nation by allowing Pakistan to fence and seal the controversial Durand Line which has now made fueled burdens for the already terror and violence hit Pakhtoons living in both sides of the Line. No one could deny the fact that Afghans want peace but not at cost of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and solidarity. President Ghani while addressing a gathering in Islamabad has reaffirmed his stance on sovereignty and solidarity and he must confirm it in practice. The US is known for its dual role in global strategies and in Pakistan certain circles believe that US is interested in more bases at Baluchistan in return of putting BLA on list of proscribed groups. There are apprehensions that revival of US-Pakistan friendship in the wake of growing tension in Gulf Ocean could cause hardships for no other than Afghanistan and its people. At this crucial stage, Afghan government and President Ghani and other leaders must remain careful. Must remember that it was Islamabad when its rulers have rescued Al Qaeda and Taliban when the 9/11 tragedy had made united the world against terror. 

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