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Editorial: In crosshairs

Afghan unity is under attack from anti-state forces. The new great game has cost lives of thousands of Afghans. The miseries will continue as many regional countries want to use Afghanistan as ground for proxy wars. The New World Order is falling flat. The status quo has already been challenged. The United States as the sole superpower realizes that it could not control the world for long. In this great game and the coming security and political developments—emerging on the horizon— there is no good news for Afghan people. Afghanistan will get nothing but only destruction if the leaders were played for fool. Afghan lawmakers and leaders in the Presidential Palace shall play wise. The neighboring countries and key international political players would get upset when Afghan leaders in the halls of power would not let them to use Afghan soil for proxy wars.

The only shield that Afghans have is the unbreakable unity, especially when the country is under attack. Afghans, no matter to what ethnic group they belong, have exhibited extraordinary unity because the country is under attack from different sides. Presence of black sheep in our ranks adds to the problem. But the enemies know what makes Afghans strong and invincible. Therefore, they are using different tactics to take this shield of unity from Afghans. Attacks on Sikh and Hazara communities are part of this nefarious strategy. In July and October 2016, the anti-Afghanistan forces attacked Shia Muslims in Kabul City and Balkh. On Friday, the enemies killed eight coal miners in Tala wa Barfak district of Baghlan province. The miners were members of the Hazara minority. The Taliban has denied responsibility for the killing, saying in a statement that the militant group had good relations with all those working in the mine.

Talking to media after the attack, the chief of Tala wa Barfak district Faiz Mohammad Amiri alleged Daesh, aka the Islamic State. Most of the people think that the attack was planned and executed by Daesh. Emergence of Daesh in northern Afghanistan has raised many eyebrows. Security analysts are heard questioning credibility and authenticity of the government and NATO claims that the terrorist group has been restricted to three districts in eastern Nangarhar province. Lawmakers are also concerned over growing insecurity in the country. On Saturday, members of the Wolesi Jirga lambasted the unity government for failure to foil conspiracies of the anti-state elements.

The policymakers should look at the national interests and aspirations of people. The top priority of the government should be to create a national platform for inter-ethnic harmony in order to strengthen the national unity further. Furthermore, the leaders should provide improved security to minorities because plans of the enemies are clear. The anti-Afghanistan forces want to create sectarian violence in the country which would swallow the nation gradually. Local media, intellectuals, religious scholars, legislators and general public should help the government in its efforts designed to thwart such bids.

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