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Editorial: Infighting in eastern parts

Reports from eastern Afghanistan reveal that over two thousands families from a par flung area of Kunar province have abandoned homes due to infighting between warring militant and armed groups in the area. The renewed round of armed clashes erupted between the two rival militant groups with commencing of spring in all over Afghanistan. Earlier armed fighters of both sides remain in tussles in several districts of Nangarhar, Logar and other parts and parcels of Afghanistan. Fighting at Kunar causes losses to precious lives from both the sides and also inflicted to logistic destruction as well as affecting agriculture and economic sources of common civilians in the area. Fearing threats to their lives over 2,000 dwellers of the area have abandoned homes and shifted to safe places, especially assembling in surrounding areas of provincial headquarter Asadabad. Ironic to mention that both the sides are also enjoying support of foreigners who are also sheltering in the mountainous regions of Kunar and Nuristan provinces. One of these groups is completely dominated by militants from neighbouring Pakistan. This group having a 40-member Shura and over half of Shura members are from Pakistan. These militants have earlier indulged themselves in unprecedented heinous criminal, terror and violent acts in several districts of Nangarhar province. Now they making attempts to establish influence in Kunar and Nuristan provinces. Couple of months back, these militants attempts of getting control of certain Northern provinces of Afghanistan was foiled by heroic Afghanistan National Army, Police and other security forces. The infighting of these militants could be a lesion for the countrymen. Since a long some of the foreign, especially regional and neighbouring countries are involved in fuelling of wars and hostilities in Afghanistan. For the purpose these foreign countries through spies and puppets are making huge investment on these militants scattered in war devastated Afghanistan. Now almost Afghans have realized purposes and motives of these regional and neighbouring countries who intends to settle own scores at the cost of Afghanistan and lives of its innocent people. Since a long authorities at Kabul through its diplomatic missions are making best of highlighting such issues before UN and other international forums but no one takes its notice. Now when the patience of Afghans touching its peak, therefore, UN and other global forums must realize its responsibilities. Interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan is no more secret after recent statement of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan who is talking about empowering of choice persons through so-called interim government in Kabul. All foreign countries especially regional and neighbouring needs to call back its citizens involved in terror and violent acts in Afghanistan.

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