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Editorial: It’s time to fight covid-19, not ourselves

Corona is a virus that strengthening its grip everywhere in this planet. Where there is human, there is a threat of coronavirus outbreak. Even those countries that have less infection cannot escape from its impact which would be a legacy of fragile economy. As whole, no country would remain intact. The economy impact is much bitter price than the virus itself. If the virus doesn’t spread in the cities or towns of some countries due to strict quarantine or social distancing, but it could trigger millions of people to strip of livelihoods, daily wages and the means for their families’ survival—poverty may kill them sooner than this virus. The US, UK, European countries and other development stats is not the only victim as the pandemic already confronting some of the world’s poorest nations with greatest economic challenge. Many people will lost their jobs, but many will die of anger due to covid-19. This is not who to blame. Time is less. The powerful countries must come up to the fore with a concrete steps to find its vaccine. Promising news is that China approved human testing of two vaccines to combat the pandemic. These are first vaccines in the world cleared for clinical trials. China has succeeded to control the wild spread of the virus, while it has defined global health crisis. Cases are rising on daily basis in the most developed countries than China at the height of its epidemic. Time for competition is over, the world leaders must work together to bring down the virus that infected millions of people, and killed thousands others. US President Donald Trump has said he is going to halt funding to the World Health Organization because it has failed in its basic duty in its response to the virus outbreak. He accused the UN agency of mismanaging and covering up the spread of the virus. In response the UN’s chief said it was not the time to cut funds to the WHO. It’s time to work to end this virus not to accuse each other. US should coordinate with Chinese official to end this pandemic. Now, the only hope is toward to these two Chinese vaccines which are on trail—to give a good result to finally end this crisis.

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