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Editorial: Kabul bloodbath

Alarm bells have to be ringed in the security agencies after the recent Kabul bloodbath in which over 30 people were killed and more than 76 others received injures. This furious act has directly put forward that this time Pakistani-backed militants would put in exercise every stone to target Afghan masses, especially the Afghan security personnel across the country. Since this spring offensive is not seen simple, our security forces must integrate counseling session to which draw new tactics to not only prevent, but also eliminate insurgent outfits. The Afghan people have been bearing the brunt of casualties for long time, and there is no more room left for them to tolerate it any longer. With no doubt that after having a series of anti-militants operations in the past, but at the same time we are also experiencing covert and coward attacks of the militants. Several evil designs of the insurgents were thwarted, while some of it reached the target. The positive point is that the brave Afghan security forces have always proved bitter taste for the militants. The Afghan security forces have always stood against insurgents in complicate and even in challenging time. Numerous insurgent leaders have been killed by security forces in different raids across the country. We have a very strong and committed Afghan security forces, but the poor leadership is our concern. Lack of modern weaponries is another indication that security forces are stuck with poor leadership. Nine days ago when militants stormed Police District 6, west of Kabul, an Afghans security force complained that his gun was misfired and in return injured him. The fall flat of the gun at the crucial time, if is not demonstrating poor leadership then what it is.? Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality; unfortunately, this important element is missing in our security intuitions. Realizing the gravity of the situation and concrete steps in fixing it is the only medicine to cure the pain of distressed Afghans.  More than dozen people were killed and hundreds other wounded in the latest two attacks in Kabul. At the same, as a stakeholder, each of our citizens has to be very much supportive with the security officials in recognitions of suspects. The people should not forget that the godfather of hate and intolerance are roaming freely in Afghanistan with deadly weapons on hand. In real sense, Pakistan is the mother of terrorists that has been feeding them since years. However, Pakistan has been on the losing side for the reason of gigantic support to the militants. It is not exaggeration as US President Donald Trump’s counterterrorism agenda means that Islamabad won’t get away so easily anymore with harboring and helping terrorists. Pakistan would be in hot water soon with no escape in sight.

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