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Editorial: Khalilzad consulted with Afghan leaders in Kabul

Before shaking hands with Qatar based Taliban leaders at Doha, the US special representative Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has held detail talks with leaders in Kabul and exchanged views with them regarding return of peace and normalcy in war stricken Afghanistan.  Beside others Khalilzad met with President Ashraf Ghani, ex-president Hamid Karzai, leaders of different politico-religious parties, parliamentarians, members of Peace Commission and others. In fact, the US Envoy has realized several hurdles in inking of peace agreement with Qatar based Taliban leaders. The US is interested in an early ceasefire whereas Taliban are insisting not only in pull-out schedule of foreign troops but also reshuffling of the political process already exists in the country. No one could ignore the fact that after a prolong conflict and hectic efforts, Afghanistan has got a centralized system in early of current millennium. The system received and implemented with tremendous efforts of former President and leaders from different political, jihadi groups and communities. Even the global community made too much in extending help to the Afghans in getting a centralized system, parliament and other organs including National Army and National Police. As a result of such achievements, now despite deficiencies Afghanistan has a name in global community. On such grounds, maximum people are reluctant to go for replacement or reshuffling of the system. Some of founding members of Tehrik Taliban have already joined the system and now they are being respected by people from rival politico-religious parties. In fact, intra-Afghan dialogues would help a lot in building up consensus amongst the leaders about future destiny of motherland and its people. But due to pressure from external mentors, the Afghan leaders faced failure in addressing the wishes of countrymen, which is an end to every sort of hostilities and return of a durable peace. Khalilzad who had earlier served as Ambassador to Afghanistan is well aware of root causes of conflicts in Afghanistan. Instead he needs to focus on such route causes, exists in surrounding of Afghanistan. Whenever the US and other peace mongers from different parts of the world get success in over-coming of these external obstacles and hurdles, the war affected people would get rid of prolong conflict and hostilities in the motherland. From last several months, visible change is being observed in policies of several other countries like Russian Federation, European Union, Japan etc. All these countries are prays for early end to conflict in Afghanistan. They are willing to extend help for an early reconciliation. Following the Russian Federation, now Norway is willing to host an intra-Afghan dialogue. Several other countries also assured pledges in repatriation and rehabilitation of Taliban leaders, commanders and supporters in case of peace truce. Taliban leaders, especially some of its top commanders have realized the real intentions of some neighboring countries, fueling hostilities in Afghanistan for its ulterior motives. It is the time for these leaders to realize their responsibilities at this crucial stage.

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