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Editorial: National solidarity

Afghanistan and its war-ravaged people have long deserved lasting peace and political and economic stability, which seems to be a wild goose chase in the face of state-sponsored terrorism and internal rifts which aggregately fuel disunity. National unity and solidarity in the country is a dire need to leave no room for militancy and foreign conspiracies and lead the country toward peace and development. Emphasizing on national unity and solidarity, Wolesi Jirga Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, in his speech on Wednesday in the first session of the lower house after a winter recess, called on the government, public representatives, ethnic tribes and general masses to be united to pull the country out of the ongoing heart-wrenching situation. Every wise and patriotic Afghan could appreciate and welcome the Speaker’s message of national unity, but the Speaker, and all of us have to put all efforts on card to reach that vision; because national unity is the first and foremost necessity of a peaceful and prosperous country. No one could deny the fact that unity is safety and there are many examples in the world’s history when due to lack of national unity, there have been internal and external threats to the security and survival of countries. However, what national unity is and how it can be prevailed is still a question to be elaborated on, first. Actually, national unity is solidarity within the citizens of a nation, close adherence to the country’s law and order, advocating communities, instead of homogeneity which respects diversity and shared values, experiences, geographical relativity and joint pain and harmony. Unfortunately, the ongoing situation is very alarming. Afghanistan has been the worst victim of terrorism, despite our religion and the country’s constitution which give the message of unity and love to the entire humanity, but we have turned the tables. Different political groups, tribal systems and even religious denominations have not yet assembled under an umbrella to collectively fight and defeat the national problems and convert challenges into opportunities. These trends have long proved and are still proving to be very costly. We are inward and outward in danger. There is no doubt that Afghanistan is passing through the worst critical period of its history. Terrorism, sectarianism, ethnic divisions, corruption, political unrest and economic crisis are causing threats to its solidarity. To make Afghanistan prosperous and powerful, national unity and solidarity is a must, because national unity in the form of racial and religious tolerance is an incremental pre-requisite to societal peace and remains the only option for Afghans to put an end to war and spread smiles and harmonies.  National interests should be preferred as compared to individual ones. The government leadership, opposition benches inside and outside the parliament, civil society and media family must take it serious and do materialize the parliament speaker’s message on solidarity, as any harmonious and functional society can’t be established without it. Consequently, national unity and subsequently societal stability contributes to nation-building. Therefore, in order to live a happy and secure life and lead Afghanistan ahead, we must try to uproot all our differences.

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