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Editorial: Nationwide lapse of security

After US-Taliban peace talks called dead, the Taliban group pledged to continue fighting while the Afghan government scrambling to ensure security. Unfortunately, the scene of brutality is much visible than ever before. An average of 74 men, women, and children were killed every day throughout the month of August, according to BBC finding. This casualty happened only this month – imagine how much Afghans being killed during these years of conflict, and how much more injured. The findings show unrelenting violence affects almost the entire country with the civilian’s doom are in hysteria. The casualty tool is just a snapshot of the situation on the ground in the country. However, it paints a bleak image as peace talks collapsed and Afghans are dying in large numbers in each week. Moreover, there are fears violence could be worsening as Afghanistan is preparing for upcoming presidential elections slated for 28 September amid Taliban threats and persisting challenges. Taliban openly warned Afghans to restrain from voting or attending polling rallies. Taliban insurgents pledged to derail the election, and carried the first deadly attack against an election rally in northern Parwan province, in which 26 people, children and women among them, were killed and 42 others wounded.11 injured people are in critical condition. Furthermore, another suicide bombing occurred in Kabul, the capital city, in which many residents were killed and wounded. It showed Taliban are extremely violent as getting others to die for a nonsense cause. Targeting any gathering causing civilian casualties is not a good idea. The Taliban fighters must confine their master’s order, and make them realize that no more attack in civilian-crowded areas whether it’s in polling gatherings or other event, is acceptable. At the moment, Taliban fighters known as murderer of innocent people. They are trained to murder masses in most brutal way such as suicide attacks. Of course, it is not Islamic fir sure, its other cultish ideology. To mend ways, Taliban in an immediate move should have announce not to target public areas for leverage purposes. They need to stop past blunders. What could peace in Afghanistan look like when Taliban yet to shun violence—a main reason behind revocation of peace talks by President Trump. Meanwhile, Kabul and Parwan attacks claimed by Taliban have exhibited security lapse that many innocent lives lost. Despite security agencies announced their readiness to fully secure the upcoming presidential elections, there is still concern in various region of the country that security threats could impact the process. It already does after an election rally targeted. Security situation drastically deteriorated in many provinces, undermining election security and transparency credibility.

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