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Editorial: Needs to denounce summer offensive plan

The United States Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has asked both Pakistan and Qatar to denounce the recent announcement of Taliban declaring commencing of summer offensive in all over Afghanistan. Khalilzad made the suggestion before Pakistan and Qatar in a statement, which confirm that both the countries are in links with Taliban, particularly Pakistan. Zalmay Khalilzad who is brokering peace efforts in Afghanistan has made too much advances in peace talks and as a result Qatar based Taliban leaders agreed for playing a key role in intra-Afghan dialogues. But unfortunately soon after such announcements, Taliban made another declaration pertained to what they called Al Fateh offensives in far flung Afghanistan. Such announcement has not only lead to smashing of long standing dreams of war affected Afghans for return of peace but it also made disheartened the US high ups who were hopeful of an early negotiated settlement to long standing Afghan conflicts. The US highly responsible civil and military officers in reaction have not only denounced Taliban declaration but they also reaffirmed US stance of extending whole hearted support to Afghan people for foiling all such terror designs at hands of Taliban who are wholly solely depending in Pakistan and Qatar. Dr. Khalilzad in a recent tweet message while suggesting the Afghan leaders to make a roadmap for peace in motherland, has also advised both Pakistan and Qatar to denounce Taliban’s threats of attacks. No one can neglect the fact that almost of top members of Taliban political office in Qatar are in favour of peace and reconciliation but the announcement likely to benefit certain circles to go ahead with their nefarious designs of genocide of innocent Afghans and destruction of already war stricken Afghanistan. It is no more secret that certain external forces, especially regional and neighbouring countries are bent upon fuelling tension and hostilities in Afghanistan. Immature steps on the part of so-called Unity government also enabling these trouble makers to go ahead with its nefarious designs. Ironic to mention that except a single statement by a spokesman, the unity government is silent over recent statement of Taliban regarding summer offensive plan which in fact aimed at “sabotaging” the US peace plan. Whereas half of so-called Unity government headed by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has refused to participate in the consultative Loya Jirga. The consultative Loya Jirga to be held in end of current April was convened to discuss and evolve a consensus regarding peace talks with Taliban through US. In fact, the Loya Jirga is too much late and instead President Ghani needs to go for frequent talks and consultations with leading politicians and public opinion makers to evolve a plan for convincing Taliban not only for declaring a durable ceasefire but also to join the main stream of political process. All such could be easy whenever Taliban’s sponsors and patrons denounce plan for attacking troops and deadly terror attacks against the helpless and innocent civilians. 

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