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Editorial: New US strategy

The US Treasury and allies in the Persian Gulf took aim Iran’s support for the Taliban with new sanctions against eight individuals, including two linked to the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, two Pakistanis and four Afghans. The Riyadh-based Terrorist Financing Targeting Centre (TFTC) said the sanction aimed to, “expose and disrupt Taliban actors and their Iranian sponsors that seek to undermine security of Afghan government.” The move is believed to be a new in recent years and was taken in the wake of recent alarming rate of violence in Afghanistan. In particular on the eve of Afghan elections scores of violent incidents occurred throughout Afghanistan aimed to sabotaging the journey towards democracy and lawful society in a war stricken Afghanistan. No one can deny the fact that since a long Afghans demonstrated much more trust and faith in United States, its allies and several other members of international community, regarding peace and stability. In fact Afghans suffered a lot due to imposed wars and hostilities. During so-called War, Afghans have been gifted the imposed theories of Revolution and Jihad, resulted in disintegration of USSR, a long standing dream of US. And on completion of the Cold War, the two theories inherited self-styled generals and commanders, who internal race for power and perks lead to generation of Taliban. And the sponsors succeeded in converting Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorists from all over the world. Terrorists, assembled from all over the world through their acts enabled not only their fellows of blasting US claims of most powerful country in the wake of 9/11 incident but even helped the US of landing in South Asia. During this period, the Afghans attached greats with the US led allies for their better and prosperous future. But neither terror’s eliminated nor peace returned in the war stricken Afghanistan. Even US landing in South Asia now leads towards other global strategies and partners. The Shiites and Sunnis are living together in harmony and acceptance with each other. And still the US on side showing concern over what it called human rights violation in Persian Gulf region but on the other had declared Saudi Arab as its trust worthy ally. In the light of frequent shifts in US strategies and priorities, the Afghans needs to remain careful and alert as over four decades experiences confirm, “US didn’t believe in permanent enmity or forever friendship.” Instead of remaining firm on blind-faiths in US or others, the Afghans need to think first about putting their house in order, which could help the resolving stock of problems.

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