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Editorial: New Zealand massacre

An armed persons have showered bullets against the faithful who were assembled for offering the Friday (Juma prays) with automatic guns at two different mosques in New Zealand on Friday. As a result, around 49 people were killed and at least over 20 other injured. Preliminary media report quoting Police Commissioner Mike Bush reveal that 41 persons were killed at the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue and seven at the Linwood Mosque on Linwood Avenue. Both the mosques are in Christchurch city center. Police so far placed the two locations on lockdown. Police Commissioner has confirmed taken into custody four suspects including a woman have been arrested and further investigations are in progress. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden soon after the deadly violent act appeared in a press conference whereas she had termed it an act of terror and said, “suspects having extremist views that have no place in New Zealand or the world. The deadly firing incident resulted wide range unrest amongst the peace loving people throughout the world. Whatever might be its causes and reasons and outcomes of further probe but this act has confirmed, “militancy and terror has no boundaries.” People with narrow mind approach towards other’s religious faith and race are found each and every where the world. No one can neglect the fact that New Zealand is counted amongst a few states of the world, lacking hostile attitude or policies towards others. People from New Zealand are also considered very peaceful, patient and civilized in all over the world. But now due to sin of a few individuals, New Zealand and its people got another identity-which is detrimental to their real identity and culture. Some of the circles in Muslim Ummah are exploiting the violent act at New Zealand which is not justified. Instead of becoming emotional, people from all over Muslim needs to remain patient and let the New Zealand government and law enforcing agencies to probe the matter and make expose the real culprits along with their intentions before rest of the rest. However, now when the trend of extremism and terrorism reached to New Zealand like a peaceful part of the world, responsibility rests with leaders of global organs and forums to help in evolving a plan for eradicating terror of its roots. Asian world, especially Afghanistan is facing terror and violence from last four decades. Its millions of people have been killed, injured, imputed, displaced and forced to live like refugees and immigrants throughout the world. These war, violence and terror hit Afghans deserve peace and tranquility. They are ahead with imposed and imported hostilities and new made fed up by war like situation in their motherland. 

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