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Editorial: Peace building and spoilers

As violence continues to escalate around Afghanistan, some individuals and circles have been tagged as spoilers in the road to a dignified peace. It has raised many eyebrows as why and how do some groups actively seek to spoil the peace process. Some prospect is that imposed or ill-conceived peace processes can encourage spoiling, but sometimes such efforts do not necessarily indicate that the peace process is doomed to failure, rather it seems not fit or they don’t see the proposal for peace robust. They convert to spoilers for a good reason. Hope this is the situation in Afghanistan. Some groups are challenging the efforts for peace, but it should be for national not personal interests. If they see any error in the path toward peace, they must share it with the related officials even with foreign mediators. Peace is the most priority, and it should also be for all Afghan politicians. Any group, including the government itself, must come forward with a clear explanation if they stand against the peace talks. We can end the war with national consensus and with cooperation of the international community, especially the neighbors and regional countries. Ground for a peaceful settlement to the Afghan war is almost here. The U.S. has made a deal with the Taliban – now it’s time for the Afghans to agree on an agreement, where not only to end the war, but push Afghanistan toward a development era. We have plenty of problems from poverty to joblessness, from lack of potable water to proper shelters, from literacy to illiteracy and etc…. There is much more things left to be done collectively once peace prevails. We are far from today’s development and technology. We need to stand and build together our motherland. It’s the most shameful scenario to see some elements are not favoring peace despite four decades of war and bloodshed. It’s understandable that peace processes are very often lengthy and difficult, many ceasefires negotiated to end war could result in a return of more violence sometimes worse than. Afghanistan is in the same situation, after US-Taliban deal and the start of intra-Afghan talks, expectations were very high over reduction of violence, but nothing such happen rather war has been intensified and the new wave of targeted-killings shattered Afghan intellectuals, reporters, civil society members, judges, doctors and government employees. The decade’s long conflicts have shown that the major problems which peace processes face are the spoilers and it could be both, from Afghan and the Taliban sides. This challenge is really huge and must be overcome for a political compromise otherwise Afghanistan will remain in war for many years to come.

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