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Editorial: Peace or war

War is always ugly. It has no other face whether just or unjust. Thus, peace is peace. It cannot be made with one group while leaving the others to wage war. War has destroyed the country. However, it seems we are either very slow learners or do not want complete peace. The recent peace deal between the government and Heb-e-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) has been welcomed by the most. But, yet there are some who oppose it. Small number of people is against the peace deal. They said that the government has reconciled with a group that has been involved in mass killing and destruction of Afghan cities, including capital Kabul.

It is no good argument if we want peace. Peace cannot return if we have failed to change our mindset. How can we end the war if we oppose deal with HIA? Those who are against the peace agreement ignore the reality that peace process does not exclude any anti-state group. Suppose that if one group was excluded because of its past deeds, it would mean that we still want the war to continue. Let bygones be bygones or forget about peace. Unfortunately, those who oppose the agreement have either their personal agenda or paying too much heed to reports of foreign media. Most of these media outlets were involved in creating rifts between Afghans. We shall not forget this unfortunate fact. The propaganda these media organizations have spread has damaged the national unity as it brought war upon Iraq.

When we ask for peace, we shall adopt indiscriminate approach. Moreover, we shall keep the ground realities in view. The reality which cannot be ignored is that the ongoing war is claiming lives of thousands of people annually. Insurgency has prevented the country from getting its real place in the region; though, our history goes back to 5,000 years. In the 5,000 years we had not achieved what the recently born countries did. It is a point to ponder over. It is really upsetting to see the government criticized for the insecurity but on other hand opposed for taking steps to bring peace. It is hypocrisy.

As war is ugly, it does not see on which side of the line you are. In the past two and half years, 64,000 soldiers, policemen and militants have lost their lives, let alone civilians. According to the National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar, it is population of a district. Now, think about the casualties suffered by both sides in the conflict in the past 15 years. There are many people who cock rotten vegetables for their children. They need peace at any cost. We shall listen to them rather than those who have families abroad.

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