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Editorial: Peace process?

As many countries are trying to reinvigorate peace talks in different world capitals, Afghanistan has been witnessing intense clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban group – whom leaders sitting in talks with US, Chinses, Russians, and Pakistanis officials. In a major security advancement, ministry of defense said they have captured a district in northern Takhar province after killing over 50 insurgents. On the other hand, Taliban claimed attacks in eastern Nangarhar province, killing five, while 21 others received injuries. This is what happened only on Friday. This scenario is need to be changed which shows surges in violence that come amid renewed efforts by China, Russia, the EU to revive the stalled peace talks. China is to about host Afghan delegates and Taliban in a two-day meeting slated to begin on October 28 in Beijing. It is not yet clear whether government officials would attend. No one would be in favor of peace more than Afghans who suffered a lot in the decades long war. Even the country wants a deal, at least four largely psychological impediments get in the way.

The first is the mirage of a perfect deal. Last time, before US President Donald Trump withdrew from peace process, the US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban negotiators reached agreement in principle, while Afghans were totally isolated even don’t know what was agreed upon. A perfect peace is in the limbo.

The second is national and international consensus. Indeed, there is harmony among regional countries to see a peace deal ink in Afghanistan as peace in the war-torn country means peace in the region and world. Without doubt, countries in the world making efforts for Afghan peace quest. But, these consensuses have to be implemented collectively with one objective to reintegrate Taliban into civil society. Secret deal, or imposing Taliban group on the Afghans must not be a secret deal, or efforts.

The third is women’s role: Afghan women who suffered a lot in the hands of Taliban during their regime, have expressed huge concerns regarding their freedom. They were barred form schools, workplaces and other social activities during Taliban time. After 2001, Afghan women changed. Today we have women MPs, ministers, teachers, hi activists, and highly active in other areas.

The fourth is a real peace. Suppose all has gone well. The Afghan and the Taliban reached an agreement, and all differences sorted out with preservation of past 18-year achievements, including women rights. The most important issue is Daesh, a foreign terrorist group, where its brutality is known to the world. Even Khalilzad once said there would be no 100 percent peace even after peace deal with the Taliban as Daesh threat is at large.

With all the obstacles, Afghanistan needs peace agreement more than ever. War are lasting longer, and the international community, especially the US must work for a real peace. Afghanistan political landscape is very much complicated as there are many stakeholders that making due effort to play role. In that part, one thing which is very much important is to agree upon reeducation of violence by all parties to the conflict.

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