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Editorial: Peaceful world is possible

Is peace in the world possible? Emphatically, yes as war is an old habit of thought, and an old frame of mind. We can end violence within acceptable social standards, because peace is already exists in the primordial germ of nature. There is nothing we can do to create peace, but there is much we can do to avail ourselves of it. It underlies all manifestation. We all already know, the key to world peace is through respect. Firstly, we all must recognize our separate differences and cultural beliefs, but the main thing is to put respect above all. Respect to human dignity would result in having a peaceful world, which currently some parts of this world bleeding with bloods of innocent people, including, women and children. This trend has to be fully stopped for the sack of respect to the human live. What do I mean by respect is to understand one another. In this case, not only recognizing our differences, but also accepting our contrasts. This is very important. Why superpower countries are taking less effort to resolve current challenges in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and current atrocity in Myanmar. What is going on in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq is like open book to us all that needs world’s cooperation to end it. But what is going on in Myanmar is seems to be ignored by international community.  Nearly 90,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar in August, Reuters reported. The violence in Myanmar was set off by a coordinated attack on 24 August on dozens of police posts and an army base by Rohingya insurgents. The ensuing clashes and a major military counter-offensive have killed at least 400 people, it has been reported. Moreover, civilians in Syria and Iraq have been bearing the brunt of casualties on daily basis. Afghanistan is also in the same boat. Despite military forces, civilians, including women and children are the victims of global war on terror. Only in a single terrorist attack in Kabul, the capital city, more than 600 people killed and wounded. So, every day we are losing our beloved once. Noting this, no more room left for Afghan masses to further tolerate bloodshed. Not only in Afghanistan, but in entire world, peace must be restored. Differences must be ironed out. The world leaders, firstly, have to shun enmity among themselves, and must come together to create a world where the children’s can grow happily without fear. We want the leaders to end war in war-hit countries through any ways and means. For instance, Pakistan—a state that has been supporting and harboring insurgents for longtime, must be kneeled down—the world leaders know how to do it. Peace would return in Afghanistan when militant’s hideouts demolish in Pakistan. The target is clear now to the world leaders. But in Iraq and Syria, there is a need of political consensus. Superpower countries, naming few of them like US, Russia, China, UK, India, must come together under one roof to end Syria and Iraq war. Myanmar atrocity should also not forget. The world leaders have to trust each other as it prevents discrimination of races and religion worldwide. The reason why world peace is necessary is because it’s the key, the only way to save our precious blue marble called Earth. It is up to world leaders because they have capacity to be both, selfish and kind. Therefore, it is important for the world leaders to work together to build bridges instead of walls.

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