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Editorial: President’s new military strategy

President Ashraf Ghani has recently ordered army and police to change stance from defensive to offensive against the armed opposition groups. The order comes as insurgent groups particularly Taliban militants have accelerated attacks across the country as it was not expected by the military experts who are monitoring the situation of the country.

After storming and burning Ghazni city, now the militant group is reportedly preparing to launch attack against another province (Sar-e-Pol). There are every day reports about the fall of areas and military outposts to the Taliban fighters in different provinces even in those ones which were safe in the past few years.

President Ghani’s order is quite good and offensive position can give more morale to the national security forces to drive the enemies back and provide security for the people. But why didn’t we take this measure earlier? Why were the army and police kept just in defensive? This is not right to say they were unable and not ready to offend the enemy, because the army and police were trained and armed good by foreign military experts and with modern and sophisticated weaponries.

If we had adopted prevention measures towards Taliban and other opposition groups’ conspiracies, our brave soldiers, the true son of this soil, and civilian brothers and sisters would not be killed or wounded and we would not be in the situation that we are now and we would have enjoyed much better life condition.

Some mistakes and wrong decisions need heavy price to compensate and here the people should pay the price by losing their loved ones and properties. The offensive policy should be taken years back when the Taliban were enough weak after they suffered lots of losses in the US-led international invasion in 2001. At that time, this was better to pursue the remnants of the militants and give them no chance for reinforcement. Though this is late, but still can enlighten hope in the hears of the war tired people that the new policy could change their life condition and the enemies will be as weak as they could not threaten people’s lives.

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