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Editorial: Random decisions

The United States was quick in responding to the September 11 attacks by announcing to eliminate al-Qaeda and its supporters. A series of four coordinated terror attacks on the US soil had shocked Americans and the world that was relatively peaceful before the 9/11 attacks. The US invasion of Afghanistan helped Afghans because they got rid of a radical regime. Democracy has been restored. Health, education and other sectors went on the journey of progress. There is a long way to become self-sufficient. But the foundation has been laid after the Taliban was ousted from power. Afghans have taken start from zero because the over three decades of wars had left nothing to rebuild the country on.

Thanks to the international community for their financial, political and security assistance to Afghan people and governments. As the country is still lagging behind when compared with its neighbors, therefore, there is need for continued support. There is no denying that millions of US dollars have been wasted. Thus, the welfare projects were of short-term or only on papers and could not change fate of the nation that had been worst victim of terrorism. Afghan economy is in shambles. Poverty is forcing many peoples to join insurgency or become addicts. Massive corruption and waste is creating challenges for the international community too.

Therefore, the international community in general and the United States in particular should not abandon Afghanistan. The Taliban and Haqqani Network are still undefeated. They might seem weak but they ability to strike had not diminished. They are still dangerous as ever. It is an open secret that al-Qaeda is operating the region and posing serious threats to global security. Emergence of the Islamic State—popular as Daesh in Afghanistan and in the neighborhood—added fuel to the fire. At this juncture abandoning Afghanistan or cutting support to the country would mean allowing the extremists to wash off the achievements. This will mark another deadly circle of violence.

We shall not let the extremists to impose their doctrine on us. Therefore, the Republic Party and Democratic Party nominees for the President of the US in the coming election should be very careful in their statements. They shall put their weight behind the Afghan mission which far from success. Hundreds of brave US soldiers sacrificed their lives to help Afghan people. The coalition forces rendered many sacrifices to see Afghanistan peaceful and stable.

Hence, statements that dub Afghan mission a total failure and hint about abandoning Afghanistan is eroding Afghan people trust over the US government and its NATO allies. The nominees shall not give statements that would create or widen the trust deficit between the Afghan people and the US.

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