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Editorial: Razor edge

Security situation is deteriorating rapidly as the Taliban and its affiliates have launched spring offensive. As usually the militant group launched attacks without announcing the warm-season fighting. Policymakers in the power center are keeping their fingers crossed for better results of their inconclusive strategies. Insurgency has spread across the country. The Taliban are focusing on central provinces, besides establishing strongholds in northern, western, southern and eastern parts of the country. The militants are not far from the capital city as they have presence in Sarobi district of Kabul province and killing people in Kapisa province. Security monitors in the power corridors are not displaying encouraging results.

As the country is teetering on brink of the large-scale violence this year, residents of Afghania area in Nejrab district urged the government for improved security measures. Dwellers of the district are losing hopes as the militants have killed 25 people in Afghania. The district in central Kapisa province has been in the cross-hire of the insurgents for long time. According to locals, the 25 residents were killed on spying charges by the militants. The mass execution has caused panic among the local population. Several families left the area. Many others will also abandon their homes and native towns if the government failed to rescue them from militants while eliminating the Taliban.

In the light of public concerns, the government shall bring changes in its security policies. May be the civilian causalities in Afghania is result of the ongoing clashes between the Taliban and Afghan security forces. With attention to public safety, the security officials shall deal with the militants with iron hands to prevent civilian casualties. In many areas the insurgents have used local populations as shield. However, that is another ugly prospect. Civilians have been always worst victims in the war on insurgency and terrorism. They were treated as scapegoats. Their lives and properties are valueless for the anti-state elements that are backed by the regional spy agencies.

On the negative side, the government failed to tame militancy. Insurgents are making their way to the central provinces. Security forces have been engaged in multiple operations in southern and eastern provinces but the numbers of militants are not decreasing. On Monday the defense ministry claimed killing 104 rebels including 39 Islamic State fighters, also known as Daesh. Military operations are underway in various areas of Nangarhar, Uruzgan, Herat, Ghazni, Farah and Kunduz provinces. These crackdowns are producing results but not to the satisfaction of public.

Therefore, the military strategists shall also pay attention to the central provinces. Military operations shall focus on elimination of militants while targeting the hideouts rather than clearing a district or village from Taliban.

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