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Editorial: Really become fed up

Brutal act on innocent people is unjustifiable to any law and human principles across the world. The Afghan masses strongly believe that the current ongoing war is an inhuman, in which a large number of foreign fighters have been infiltrated among the Taliban insurgents—making the war more complicating and deadly. We, believe that no Afghans will allow their motherland to be used in such away which is totally in contrary to Islamic teachings and human principles. And they will not destroy their land by their own hands. We are in imposed war, and some people has taken hostage to carry out this war, but regional countries, especially the Pakistan, the girlfriend of militant outfits such as Taliban, Daesh, Haqqani terrorist network, and over 20 other extremist groups, had always backed militants to wage war in Afghanistan. There are huge foreign fighters among militant’s rank, no need to elaborate further as it clear as shunning limp. Pakistan’s military establishment and intelligence agency ISI have waged a proxy war on Afghanistan by using its assets—notorious Haqqani network and Taliban factions. Really become fed up to write always about Pakistan’s duplicity in the war on terror. Every day we are calling on Pakistan to shun supporting, and harboring insurgents, but as usual falls to deaf hears. One thing is for must that the entire terrorist outfits with direct support of Pakistan, will never achieve their goals through acts of savagery—at the same time, what they (militants) are doing has no justification, neither in terms of human and Islamic principles. Let’s put it in other way, does a strong and durable partnership between Afghanistan, and Pakistan essential for ensuring regional stability, particularly ending years of conflict in Afghanistan? Suppose we reached a conclusion for having a bilateral relationship based on mutual respect and commonality of interest, will we have peace? No doubt that military solution is not feasible to the long-running conflict. There is need of support for peace efforts that completely controlling and leading by the Afghan officials. It is Afghan-owned, and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process. But still, Pakistan will not cooperate. It is not putting on air as our former President Hamid Karzai visited Pakistan during his tenure more than 20 times. Do we have peace today? Even he termed Pakistan, and Afghanistan as twine brothers. Do we have peace today? Our current President Ashraf Ghani after assuming office, he left for Pakistan to mend ties, but he received huge stab in his back as he restrained accepting financial assistance of Pakistan, calling Islamabad to utilize it against safe hideouts of the militant outfits in its soil. Pakistan and Taliban insurgents are responsible for the ongoing violence in the country. Frustrating with trickery of Pakistan, President Ghani had extended his hand to Pakistan, and they spit on it because they thought they could overthrow us. Does the friendly and brotherhood hand of our President have beard result? Does Pakistan agreed to honestly support Afghan government? No, no, and no. Repeatedly, Afghanistan reached out Pakistan, but the demand for peace was not accepted every time by our hostile neighbor. The game is over; Pakistan will never support Afghan government. When Islamabad has been playing with us for many years, we must have cut our diplomatic relations with them. Not Afghanistan, but all the regional countries must have come up to the fore and cut off its all sort of relations with Pakistan over its deceitfulness in fighting terrorism, which is more dangerous than nuclear weapon.

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