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Editorial: Resignation at premium

The National Unity Government (NUG) deliberately wants to have its name bandied about because it looks upon the international community’s support as the be-all and end-all of its existence. Apathy is the besetting sin of our leaders. But, as ill-luck would have it, healthy criticism is at a sad discount. Establishment of new committees, conferences and statements of consol are order of the day. The nation is bearing the brunt of wrong policies of the NUG. Public is dodged over key national issues such as nomination of defense and interior ministers. If the government was committed to translate promises into actions, it would have presented nominees to the privileged Wolesi Jirga which got one year in bonus.

Effects of the decision not to fill the vacant slots of defense and interior ministers are that resignation and reshuffle of security officials is at a premium. Ghazni police chief, Brig. General Aminullah Amarkhel, on Sunday warned to render resignation if the interior ministry continued to ignore security threats in the province where Taliban has established strongholds and control Nawa district. The police chief lamented that the ministry has reduced battalion of police force to small group.

Why high-profile security officials are resigning is a burning question because it has greater impact over law and order situation. If Amarkhel bids farewell to job then the resignation should be considered in all its bearings. The resignations will bear upon the security situation. It will also give birth to different questions because patriotism of these officials is beyond question. Rather than taking the beast of militancy by the horns, the government is abandoning the field commanders by not paying heed to their suggestions and requirements.

If the cold shoulder response towards internal problems persisted, the government could neither eliminate militants nor put an end to desertion and resignation of the security personnel.  The government is, so to say between the devil and deep sea. We are often carried away by the popular prejudice. The reason is certain. We are politically immature. There had been no serious efforts to get to the bottom of the issue; otherwise there had been no desertion case or resignation.

The government cannot blink the fact that it had utterly failed to improve law and order situation in the country. Its single and multifaceted insecurity control policies have fallen short of objectives—to bring enemies to their knees. Therefore, the government shall draw up a scheme to address grievances of the security officials or else prepare for more shocking news. The government must accept the consequences of its deliberate actions.

Moreover, the NUG shall not beat about the bush about nomination of interior and defense ministers. It shall have a direct reply to the public concerns. Fate of peace process is beside the point when it comes to reinforcement and leadership vacuum. The country needs ministers of defense and interior, who must be at home in security and military affairs. The choices the leaders in power corridors make would shape opinion of public.


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