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Editorial: Return to peace-needs guarantee

Once again Qatar based Taliban have refused to talk to US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad and his aides in a meeting scheduled at Doha on Wednesday. Earlier, Taliban have refused to fly to Riyadh Saudi Arabia for the same purpose. Frequent summersault on the part of Taliban confirms their helplessness or dependence on someone else. Most recently, the US made conditional pull out of its troops from Syria, demanding complete assurances/guarantee from Turkey regarding peace in that hostilities affected country. Now when Pakistan’s influence in Afghanistan is an open secret, therefore, US is needs to think for framing a Syria like strategy for Afghanistan. In recent months, along with US Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is also busy in shuttle cock flights to Kabul and several other countries as well as hobnobbing with Taliban leaders camping in Doha Qatar and rulers/officials of other countries, declared/called as stakeholders in Afghanistan conflict. Despite making tall claims and commitments regarding bringing Taliban leaders on table talks and playing a due role in return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan, Pakistan yet to realise its promises. In the wake of continue violent acts and threats of further intensifying violent acts, unrest and panic is rising with each passing day in all over Afghanistan. At the moment, Afghanistan is under tremendous pressure of Pakistan. It doesn’t that other regional and neighbouring countries have lost opportunities in Afghanistan and they let Pakistan to do whatever it made designs for Afghanistan. But these regional and neighbouring countries are in wait of chances. After 9/11 one was expecting return of complete peace in war ravaged Afghanistan but now the situation is very disappointing. US and others are still bent up meeting own nefarious designs through making Afghanistan and its people as scapegoats. All these foreign countries and spy masters are engaged in Buzkashi in Afghanistan for make safe and sound its strategic-economic interests in Asian sub continent. But along, trend of religious extremism and terrorism worsening day by day, putting at stake global peace in general and regional peace in particular. Now Afghans need to take steps. At this crucial stage when intentions of so-called stakeholders exposed before peace loving world community, therefore, Afghans living either in or outside of the country must evolve a strategy for pulling their motherland out of current dilemma.

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