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Editorial: Road to peace

The Afghan masses have become immensely tired of war and bloodshed. They wish nothing but peace in their motherland. The past decades of war took almost everything from them, but failed to bring down their morale for peace to eventually be restored. Once peace prevails, the Afghan masses – as they did during past 19 years after Taliban collapse – will join hands in rebuilding homeland without fear of its destruction by spoiler elements. The Taliban group is the main constituent that troubled-Afghans want them to reconcile and the seven-day reduction in violence between Taliban-US and Afghan forces that begun on Friday night—has taken an important step on a long road to peace.  So far it goes well, and if went successfully, US-Taliban will then sign the first phase of a deal aimed at ending nearly two decades of conflict. The next step would be intra-Afghan talks, where the Afghans will determine their future. Taliban negotiators said a suitable security situation would be created ahead of signing a deal they hoped would lay the groundwork for peace across the country with the withdrawal of all foreign forces. Moreover, the move is a critical test of the Taliban’s willingness and ability to reduce violence, and contribute to peace in good faith. So far under the terms of the partial week-long truce, no major offensive operations has launched by Taliban against Afghan or international forces. But it did not mean complete truce as there were so reports of violation, including an abduction of a government official. Although, so far it was good and violence has been reduced to over 90 percent. The war has taken huge sacrifices in both – personnel and property, in which besides Afghan forces and civilians, at least 2,448 Americans have died in combat since October 2001. For the Taliban, the successful completion of reduction in violence period would bring a shot at international legitimacy, and they will gain respect and the doubts of having no control on their ground fighters would also be removed. A dignify peace is the ultimate hope and desire of the Afghan masses, and the Taliban can’t win their heart through war. They (Taliban) committed great atrocity against the innocent Afghans, where persisting enemies bring good to nobody. Still the Afghans ready to accept the Taliban and willing their reintegration into civil society, but never accept their ideology as it was during their regime before 2001.

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