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Editorial: Run or die

As the US President, Donald Trump is getting near to announce his Afghanistan strategy, the National Unity Government (NUG) appears to get attention of US administration regarding capability of the Afghan security forces that has been fighting insurgency with high moral and zeal. President Ashraf Ghani looking to brush aside all concerns that the Afghan forces may not be able to maintain the current stalemate, causing the country’s security situation on backslides further, and that Kabul, the capital city, could come under more high-visibility attacks. Some American and NATO officials favored dispatching of more US troops to contribute to the longest war in the US history, fearing that Afghan forces likely to lose the ground. One thing is for sure that Afghan security forces bravely fighting all sorts of insurgency. Indeed there is not doubt on it. Afghanistan would never return to its former status as launching pad for terrorists. This dream of enemies of Afghanistan would never see light of the day. To put rest to all anxiety, President Ghani in an outstanding move transitioned the Afghan National Army’s elite Special Operations Command from a division to a crops, a crucial step in his commitment to nearly double the unit’s size, and an exceptional stir to tame insurgents in every parts of the country. “Today, it is a special day because the success you all have achieved from this nation is exemplified here. This year you defeated the enemy on the battlefield. I can see the results of your fight from last week and I see the huge improvement from last year,” the president said. “To the enemy: our special forces will defeat you.” It is crystal clear that enemies are on the run, and their foreign masters are in deep depression and pressure. “The activation of special operation crops marks the beginning of the end for the enemy of Afghanistan. As we sit here today, Afghanistan commandos are defeating the Taliban across Afghanistan,” said Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander, Resolute Support Mission. “When these commandos appear on the battlefield, the enemy has no choice but to run or die.” Not only, Special Forces, but all from military to police and civilians will fight against the sworn enemies of Afghanistan as long as we breathe. Taliban and other militant outfits already defeated utterly. Our brave and patriotic Afghan security forces have been chasing them in every valley and mountain of the country. All the 20 terrorist groups are under immense pressure by the Afghan security forces. Their (enemies) every evil designs already dashed to the ground. US administration should bear in mind that Afghan security forces are very much capable to maintain peace and stability to the war-hit country. The progress is very much visible. They (Afghan forces) proved metal against Pakistani-backed militants. Yes, we do need more state-of-the-art weaponries. Our security forces have to be provided with new weapons, and our Afghan Airs Forces must be strengthened further. We need more military helicopters. We appreciate supports receiving from International Community, especially from US, but we need more. Advice to US would be, don’t send more troops, and instead further support Afghan security forces—the result would be out of expectation.

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